Dear Akasha…

Dear Akasha,

You are, it has to be said, a very lovely and sweet four-year-old, but there are a couple of very important things I should probably tell you.

When Mummy (yes, me) has the headache from hell, she does not really want to have a torch shone in her eyes. Yes, I know you were playing at being the doctor. And honey, I know you only wanted to ‘fix me’.

And I am also aware, that mummy lying around on the sofa for eight consecutive days is pretty boring. But still, I have no desire to play ‘weddings’. Or have shawls wrapped around my head. Or to teach you to play ‘chesst’. Or to be grandma to your realistically crying doll.

I do appreciate your kind sentiment, hauling my head around to ram a cushion under it while scratching the zip down the back of my neck. But I’m a little tender at the moment, precious.

Normally, I wouldn’t mind my body being swathed in pillows but darling, I have a headache and it’s 28°C in the shade.

And I know you’re fed up now, but I’m really too delicate to go outside and catch some rays.

You’re very kind, however, the doctor already removed all of my earwax. And you do actually scare me a bit with that cotton bud…

… As did the small fluffy dog, you lovingly placed in my bed, so I wouldn’t be alone. So sweet, I just hadn’t expected it. Resulting in me almost bumping the ceiling with my damaged head. Did you forget that I sleep with Papa Bear?

But hey, Akasha, my littlest princess I really love that you came back from the supermarket, armed with my favourite flowers.

Thank you honey!

Will always adore you,




28 thoughts on “Dear Akasha…”

  1. Georgous! and shade of deja vous for me too…
    Little Mr wacked hard into my bad foot last week (pure accident, he was being over enthusiastic and bouncy, as is his want) and as I wiped the tears out of my eyes, he went to the freezer, got an ice-pack and shoved it onto my foot “to help you Mama” so hard that I almost saw stars…

    I know he meant well and was sooo sorry he’d hurt me but I hard to bite my lip hard to avoid saying any naughty words. (It’s not my habit but the pain was so bad that it was almost one of those moments).
    He was genuinely upset that he’d hurt me and was close to tears himself because he felt so bad, the ice-pack was a nice idea but his version of “gentle” is something I could have done without at that moment.
    He then smothered me with kisses and hugs and wanted to “pat it better” (um, rather not that last bit sweetie) and cuddled up close for a while,giving me his best Lego treasures to look after in his guilt.
    I couldn’t fault his kindness, love or have *any* doubt that he was trying to make up for his doing damage, it was just the manner of adding one pain after another that really tested me at that moment to react in the right way and not the wrong way.
    I smiled though gritted teeth to tell him I was ok, and his relief was visable.
    At least they show us the beautiful kindness in their hearts, and that they care… loveable little monsters aren’t they?
    I hope you headache goes away quick time and that you feel better soonest.

    1. Firstly, I must say I love the little stories you comment with. They always entertain me.

      They really hate the thought that they’ve hurt you, don’t they? But they just can’t help themselves! Akasha does the patting it better too! I think she has a streak of my clumsiness too. The other day she knocked an ice cold drink right across my chest when trying to give me a hug.

      You know what I forgot to add in this piece – that she keeps asking me to play hairdressers at the moment. I wince just at the thought of her dragging a brush through my hair.

      They don’t necessarily help the healing process, do they?

      Loveable little monsters – very apt!!

    1. Hi and thank you!!

      Giving me that link today is pretty funny – this morning she was trying to brush her teeth, with the brush held stationary and she was moving her head from side to side!

  2. I love this! my (nearly) 3yo puts plasters on my head when I say I have a headache……..but also doesn’t understand that I cant be a choo train right now…

    bless them x

  3. Your post made me laugh – and brought back wonderful memories when my kids were little. They do the most absurd things, and really do get worried when we are sick and can’t do the usual stuff with them. Never a boring moment!
    You should keep this and show it to your daughter when she’s older – she will appreciate it then!

  4. Well, I give your daughter an A+ for empathy. She sure cares about her mom and really loves you. So many kids grow up self-centered today, it’s great to see you’re not raising a brat, even though you’d like a little break sometimes. 😉

  5. Oh my eight days? I do hope your head is better. Your little princess is just that – a sweet ;little princess!:) This is a keeper and I also think you should print it and tuck it away somewhere special for her. Lovely.

    1. It is a little better today, thank you. (Now that my elder kids are now fully trained in how to pick my son up on the bus!!)

      She is really a very sweet little princess – thank you!! 😀

  6. This is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time.

    This is a wonderful post (and letter which you have to give Akasha when she’s older). Thank you for sharing it with us. x

    1. I am starting to feel better. Thank you. She’s a very loving child. Yesterday I bought her tights while at the shops and later she made a point of coming over to me and saying an extra thank you.

  7. How hard it is for little ones to understand when moms don’t feel well and they just want to make it better in their own way. You are a loving mother and I so appreciate your site and sense of humor. I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

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