First 101 update of the year

I can honestly say, in terms of my 101 goals, January 2012 has been my worst month by far.

I’ve achieved one new restaurant, a new sushi place that has just opened up locally. It can easily be described in three words. Yummy. Scrumptious. And de-lic-ious.

I’ve been keeping up with my dates with my husband. Yay.

And I’ve added a couple of new films to my belt:

  • The Hangover 2 (repetition of Hangover 1 – if you liked the first one that much then just go and watch it again)
  • The Debt (brilliant, of course, with the wonderful Helen Mirren)
  • Under the Tuscan Sun (OK chick flick)
  • Hanna (we keep watching odd films?!? This is definitely one of them, but it kept me)
  • Just Go with It (I went with it – I like Jennifer, I’m not normally too keen on Adam Sandler, but I liked this one, even though it’s totally predictable)

I had one big achievement (well, really the start of one) to tell you about.


Except this morning, despite her not feeling quite so well, I sent her to school. She’d had a couple of days off just two weeks ago, so I erred on the optimistic side, she can’t be ill again already.


I had to pick her up this morning after she vomited during maths.

As you may gather, I’m one of the more popular parents…

Despite my neglectfulness in terms of Lori’s health, I have managed to encourage her to value her (what I think is gifted) artwork and start a portfolio.

She asked me to post one of her latest pieces, for your opinions:

Lastly, one of our 101ers has set a competition to help him complete his challenges. Could you be the winner? Check it out!

OK, You Win!

You bunch of peeping thomasinas! (quoting Nancy, award-winning-commenter).

It has taken a bit of juggling as I mentioned in my comments, her masterpiece is on A3 paper, which meant involving my husband and unofficially, his work’s scanner.

And just before you feast your eyes, remember she sadly carefully coloured in the skirt after I wrote the post.

Drum-roll please…

Actually, that would be pretty cool right now, if I were technically minded enough to attach a drum roll RIGHT NOW, as you’re reading.

I’m sure it would be possible, what with YouTube and all that.

But for now, you’ll just have to use your imaginations.

Presenting the Princess and the Penis Prince:


By popular demand…

Now several of you readers have been asking to see ‘the picture’.

I’ve asked the four-year-old and she seems quite keen to splatter her artwork all over the internet. But as her agent mother I did feel some negotiations protective measures were necessary.

So, first I ‘lost’ the picture. After writing the blog, I noticed her adding extras to her masterpiece, like colouring in the skirt. Then I saw the picture carelessly abandoned on the floor, so I picked it up and placed it on some surface somewhere, I can’t quite remember where…

But it’s been found, she’d cleverly hung it on the fridge. (I swear she sneaks a look at the comments on this blog).

Anyway, I’ve decided that if you want it, you can vote for it!!

… And at least I can laugh at myself

The WordPress prompt asked:

What rare talent do you have that most people don’t know?

I would have to say that I’m really very musical. Honestly. If you had heard me running up and down the stairs this morning, then you would know that I provide a beautiful percussion background, with my clicks and creaks from various body parts, to accompany the usual morning chaos here.

I am my own regular one-man band. Particularly talented body parts include my knees, ankles, feet and wrists.

WordPress also asked:

Bonus: If you don’t have a rare talent, what talent do you wish you had? Why? What’s stopping you from trying to get it?

Well, as I’ve said I do have a rare talent, but I am somewhat greedy. So, there is a talent which I have wished for, my whole life long, although it is not a rare one. (Makes the fact that I haven’t ‘got it’ even harder to swallow). I have always wanted to be able to draw.

Before you say, “Just practice!” I have. As a child anyway, and now that you know that, your laughter may echo around the room even more resonantly as you read on.

If you were to ask me to, say, draw an elf, it would look exactly like this:

And honestly, I really did try!

Now, I’m thirty-eight-years-old, I doubt my skill can improve much, but my four-year-old, that’s another story, she’s starting out like this:

No, she doesn’t have three arms, the middle one is the arm, and the outside bits are her sleeve.

She’s even initialled it. Bless.
Her drawing really is improving.

Soon, she will surpass me. *Sigh*

But just to elaborate (in case you’re not convinced), I thought we’d attempt dragons. As you do on Monday mornings.

At first, I thought I’d draw mine side on (after looking in a child’s picture book) but it started out like this:

Now you know I’m honest. Because I could have tried to convince you that I was reasonably talented in drawing ducks.

*Please note any talent here is purely accidental.

So, I tried again (after even the four-year-old laughed):

That’s more like it.

Yes, that’s 38 years of experience. Right there.

What’s that?

I should give up?

You’re probably right.

So, I turned my attention back to my four-year-old who, as you might gather, used the very same picture book as me.

I also coached her somewhat.

I should probably stop coaching her now and encourage her older, wiser, much more talented twelve-year-old sister to be her art teacher instead.

Because set the same challenge, Lori impressed us all (especially me) with:


Only 12

No training

And with me as her artistic mentor!