Another week

I can honestly brag about this week.

So, of course, I’m going to. 😀

If you read A little teaser you’ll already know that Lori and I went off to a spa meaning I nailed two of my challenges in one.

I can hear you all chirping, “Who’s a clever girl then!!”

Chirp on.

I didn’t do my facial there because I am too skint/tight/afraid of people plucking my eyebrows/.*

*Delete as you see appropriate.

But staying in the hotel meant I tried another restaurant. If you were standing in front of me, I’d high five you right now. But you’re not, so you’ll just have to imagine it.

To top that, I took Joni out for lunch. An opportunity to try out another new restaurant but no, we returned to our favourite sushi bar, one of our favourite haunts. I could attempt to fool you here and tell you that I took her there and introduced her to sushi, as is one of my tasks. But I already told you that it was ‘one of our favourite haunts’ so I kind of gave myself away there.

Actually, the sushi challenge is pretty hard. Turns out I’ve tried out my home-made sushi on most of my friends. Or already dragged them into our sushi bar. So I may have to find some new friends first.

Anyway, talking of food, I’m now off to a restaurant with my husband as our date for this month.

How are the other 101ers doing?

A quick post

Late. I’m late! For a very important update!!

Truly, I’m sorry, that’s two weeks in a row now. I could attempt a promise at being on time next week, but considering that one week today I’m hosting a sixteenth birthday party, which will only be rivalled by the royal wedding in terms of ‘parties of the year’, I’m not promising anything.

OK, OK. It’s a barbecue and some cake. And maybe a little karaoke. But my eldest is turning sixteen!

I am trying to convince myself, when I do catch a glance in the mirror, that I don’t actually look old enough to have mothered a child sixteen years ago.

Luckily for me, I often forget to look in the mirror. I know that because I’ve managed to leave the house with such things as coal on my face, chocolate in my hair and toothpaste on my top.

You’ve forgiven me for being late now, haven’t you?


This week I’ve been to the gym once and swimming twice. I think that technically means I’ve had a sporty week!

Also, I watched the film Penelope. An odd fantasy/romance. Definitely watchable. I couldn’t quite figure out where it was supposed to be set. At first, I suspected England then I felt confused when Penelope hit the town, as it all looked rather American. The cast also confused me, being from both sides of the water. Though as I said, it’s a fantasy, so I suppose that means anything goes. I guess my teenage girls would enjoy this one.

I have spent a lot of time this week finding the perfect bonding trip for my daughter Lori and I. After much discussion we decided to go a spa. It’s booked and we head off on her birthday on the 12th of June, so two weeks tomorrow!!

And before you start to feel light-headed and confused, she’s not celebrating her sweet sixteenth. She’ll be thirteen. But you would be wrong to assume that in the next two weeks two of my children will celebrate their birthdays. Because actually, three will. In between the birthdays of his two sisters, my son Aden will turn eleven. It’s like Christmas fervour hits us twice a year. Except now we have a four-year-old, who will not be five until November. Them’s the breaks kid. Sorry, I did contemplate her having two birthdays a year, like the queen. But four kids are expensive enough.

Although it doesn’t feel like I’ve actually posted 5 articles this week. Well, six if I include this one. (And I have several others partially written and swimming around in my head).

My flag counter now informs me that 98 flags have visited my site, so I’m now only three away from my target.

Saving the best ’til last: allow me to introduce a new fellow challenger


Yes, we are becoming a cult 😉

And here are our other members:

The Laughing Housewife
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Another challenge coming together

I am excited.

Very excited.

After much searching/trawling/scrutinizing of the internet, I have not only found, but also booked a mini-break for Lori and I.

Joni and I went to Paris. City of culture, in 2009. We marched through the metropolis. Filled ourselves with French food. And said “Hello” to a mouse in a ‘good’ restaurant.

We braved the Eiffel tower in a thunder storm. Were followed by an indecently, ‘playful’ man through le métro tunnels. Walked past le Louvre and waved. Deciding le Louvre is just too much for a three day trip. So we headed to le Petit Palais instead. And of course, being girls we were magnetically drawn to l’avenue des Champs-Élysées. Being not such conventional girls, we spent most of our time there in car shops. And eating. And taking pictures of random things like motorbikes.

Our bonding trip truly worked. It brought us together. Mother and daughter. Through pubescent angst. And we have stayed together ever since.

Joni needed culture.

Lori needs to relax.

So our trip is to a spa.

I think, actually, I am more excited than she is!

Two nights away in a forest get-a-way. Being pampered. Eating cake. Relaxing in and by the pool.

And most importantly for Lori: attention for 48 whole hours from one parent, with no interruption via other siblings.