A statistical analysis

Tilly and I have been doing our challenges for a whole year!!

How time flies!!

Can you remember that slightly panicky post I wrote? No?

OK, I’m going to ‘reblog’ it and then check out how I’m actually getting on. (This is a discovery process for both you and me).

Originally posted on 22.04.2011:

Not to worry you or anything, but I thought I’d have a breakdown break down the lovely tasks I’ve set myself, into easily manageable numbers and see exactly where I’m at.

The challenge states 101 tasks in 1001 days, and I have 973 days remaining.

I have so far completed 1 task.

I still have to find 25 tasks. But, of the 76 tasks I’ve already set myself, 17 are not singular events.

So, actually, I still need to:

  • Blog 291 times (after this)
  • Maintain the list 31 times
  • Go to the gym 99 times
  • Attend 3 classes at the gym
  • Go swimming 28 times
  • Try 26 new recipes
  • Buy 5 new cookery books
  • Find 5 delicious wines
  • Introduce 3 people to sushi
  • Eat at 10 new restaurants
  • Read 3 German novels
  • Watch 94 films
  • Date my hubby 32 times
  • Do 4 car boots sales with the children
  • Date 2 of my daughters 12 times (so 24)
  • Home therapy with my son 52 times

This adds up to 710 events.

In the remaining 973 days.


OK. No. Wait. Because that only covers 17 of the tasks.

There are also 59 singular tasks.

And then, as I said before, 25 tasks are still to be found.

If I average out those 710 events through the 17 tasks I can round that up to 42 events per task.

Furthermore, if 17 of the 101 tasks are more than singular events, (which equates to around every 6th task), through the law of averages, I would expect that approximately 4 of the remaining 25 tasks to be found, would also be multi-eventers.

And if each of these 4 tasks then, took the previous average of 42 then I would expect to add another 168 events to the challenge.

Pant. Pant. Pant. BREATHE.

Where were we?

Erm… yes, 710 events plus another 168. So 878 events.


No. Sorry… Incorrect.

I have not added on the already selected 59 singular tasks previously mentioned.

878 + 59 = 937


But, oh… Silly me. I still have to allow that 21 of the 25 remaining tasks would also, by the law of averages, be singular challenges.

So: 937 + 21 = 958 8O


Therefore, I’m faced with 958 events to be completed in 973 days.

If you are considering joining our challenge, please don’t let this deter you, after all I still have 15 wholedays left (if I succeed in 1 event per day) to: find another 33 Facebook fans, achieve another 13 flags on flag counter and another 56 countries, notch up another 42,875 hits on my stats counter and to donate 77,410 grains of rice.

The really good news is: I never did like cleaning. :-D

OK. Let’s see if I can work this out.

I only have to find 7 more tasks. (That’s a good start.) (Can you tell my glass is always half full?)

Today is day 367. That means I’m over a third way through, timewise. So, technically I should have completed more than 33 challenges. I have completed 22 but I don’t think that proves I’m behind schedule, as I’m in the middle of many tasks.

So far I’ve also:

  • blogged 119 times putting me well above my third of 303 times target.
  • maintained the list 13 times, also on target then (13/33).
  • chopped going to the gym and replaced it with 1001km on the cross trainer. I’m definitely behind there because of problems with my knee…
  • swam 30 times? I’ve managed 5 trips to the pool. Who on Earth came up with 30 as a target?
  • dreamt I’ve been swimming, does that count?
  • tested new recipes out on my family. 😀 I am a success. 25 out of 30.
  • bought all 5 of the cookery books. Well, one was given as a present. And I’ve convinced 1 person to go with me to try sushi. It turns out, I have make two new friends who have never tried sushi because apparently, I’d already introduced all of my old friends to sushi before I had started the challenge. I actually need new friends. I’ve annoyed all the old ones by continually asking them if they have tried sushi. None of them pick up the phone any more. I even heard a rumour that some of them have renamed me as ‘The Sushi Nag’ on their handset instead.
  • found 0 delicious new wines. And I have been trying. OK, OK, I admit I have been sneaking back to the old wines…
  • upped the restaurants to 30. Which completely wrecks all of my statistics. But I have so far managed 15 of them.
  • I’m not doing well with the German novels…
  • watched 48 films. Without sleeping on my husband’s shoulder.
  • steadfastly stuck to dating my husband every month. We’re single-handedly keeping our local restaurant open. We’ve been there 12 times and 1 time we went to a Murder Mystery Dinner.
  • not achieved a single boot sale and I’m behind on Joni’s dates (the girl is so busy, she never has any time) so we have a measly 4 there, therefore I’m thinking of starting Lori’s dates before I finish Joni’s.
  • managed 2 therapy sessions with Aden.

Now for the maths.

In the last statistical post I informed you I still had to complete 958 events in 973 days. However, since then I added 20 new restaurants. Taking that total up to 978 events in 973 days.


Hang on, wait a minute!! I ‘chopped’ the gym. That means a reduction of 3 classes and 99 trips to the gym.

So, 978 – 102 = 876 events in total.

And since then I’ve completed a total of *fumbles for calculator*

250 events. Plus 22 tasks. So 272.

Oh no. Just a sec.

Some had already been accounted for in the previous statistics, such as 4 new recipes and 7 watched films. I need to juggle my figures.

So. Magically (just like that) (don’t ask me about my methods, I’m only 31.763% sure they work) I find I have to take 28 already credited events and 1 credited completed task from the previous 272 total. 😦
Thus 272 – 29 = 243

So, since April last year I’ve managed to complete 243 events.

Now for the moment of truth.

Are you sitting comfortably? Do you have a glass of celebratory fizzy wine prepared?

In order to be on track I need to have completed one third of the 876 events.

876 ÷ 3 = (drumroll) (sorry) 292.


Vodka anyone?

*I knew I shouldn’t have cleaned the bloody house*

Say what?

Today is not only my second blogoversary. It’s also the first anniversary of Tilly Bud’s and my 101 tasks in 1001 days challenge.

To celebrate the incredible occasion we both have various posts going up on our blogs today.

We picked five questions, which we’ve both decided to answer giving two different perspectives on the challenge so far. You can read Tilly’s here.

What did you expect of the challenge at the start?

I was very excited when I first started typing up my list! Full of anticipation. I felt the need, at that point in my life, to really make time to do at least some of the things I really wanted to do.

However, when I talked to my family, they didn’t really get it. They encouraged me, because it was something that I wanted to do. But they didn’t actually understand why it was so important to me. Despite having Tilly’s support, and some of the tasks involving my family, I did expect it to be quite a solitary thing to do. As a mum of four this was the first time in a very long time I’d actually broken out and said I specifically wanted to do something for me. I think that made me feel a little uncertain. Some of the tasks I put on the list were or are dreams. So I didn’t know, even with them being on the list, if I could make them become a reality. I just knew that I wanted to try. Two examples of that would be the spa and the Murder Mystery Dinner. I’ve completed both challenges and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

How do you think you’ve done?

Despite my statistical analysis, I think I’ve done really well. The list I’ve set myself is quite demanding, but I’m the kind of person who needs a challenge to rise to. I found that cupboard and since then I’ve definitely felt I’m on the right track. 😀

Anything you would change?

Yes. If I do it again (and I might well do) I would definitely use the countdown clock on my page. I have already changed a couple of tasks – ‘the gym’ – I cancelled my membership due to not finding the time for it to be worthwhile and then feeling guilty about not being able to go. I also upped the ‘try new restaurants’ because I finished it really quickly and wanted to visit more.

The one task I haven’t changed that I suspect isn’t possible is the hits target. I don’t want to lower it, but I think I was too ambitious with that task.

When I first started I began several tasks simultaneously and the result is, I haven’t come very far in any of them! I think I was too excited!! Next time I think I would try a more focused approach. Though maybe that wouldn’t work with me anyway as I’m quite an excitable person!

I would also completely change the format, it looks nice on the page, when it works, but I keep fighting with the HTML. If I don’t update in HTML it changes all the numbers to letters and results in a lot of cursing!!!

What has been your favourite task so far?

That’s a really difficult question as I’ve enjoyed so many. I think I value most the date once a month I have made time for with my husband. We hadn’t made time for each other before and it’s made a difference. I’ve particularly enjoyed the family activities like the boat trip on the Danube and going to the falconry display. And watching films now has more worth and I don’t feel like such a couch potato.

I can’t call it. My two favourites have to be the Murder Mystery Dinner and the spa weekend with Lori. Both were amazing!!

Oh no. But what about the live Wild West Show? That, too, was fantastic!

I can tell you my most disappointing one easily, though: trying archery. Oh my God was I crap!! Really!! It was embarrassing!!

I have a clear favourite from Tilly’s list: Have a go on every item in the new children’s play area in Gorsey Bank Park. Fantastic!

Has anything unexpected come out of the challenge?


Firstly, it has not been a solitary journey at all. My family and even friends have actively got involved. We had a hilarious Eurovision party. My husband had flowers delivered to me. And it’s a revisited topic of conversation between my friends and I.
My husband actively looks at the list for ideas at the weekends. The kids love it and have requested personal tasks which include them. It’s become a family thing and I’m very happy with that.

Then there’s been the support from the blogging community. Some of my readers specifically follow me because of the challenge.

I really hadn’t anticipated how interested readers would be. My 101 page gets even more hits than my about page!!

Finally, there are the other 101ers. When Tilly and I first started, we had the idea of asking others to join us. I had no idea how successful that would be. There are 37 of us already and our community is still growing!!

*Animation by Lori and Reini – thanks. 😉

My blog is 2!!!!

Today is a very special day for me.

As you are reading this, I’m sipping fizzy wine and eating nibbles and gorging on chocolate and telling my husband he has to be the one to collect the kids today, as I’m the designated drinker, and that means he can’t actually join in the celebrations properly until they’re all safely home. Well, as I’m a particularly nice person I may let him sniff a little corner of my chocolate…

Today is my second blogoversary. The blog that I obsess over is two whole years old!! Two years ago today, I took the plunge, I dived into an adventure that I have never for a moment since regretted.

I’m feeling rather merry and I don’t mind telling you, I love my blog. I love writing. And I love reading all of your comments.

I wouldn’t be drinking this lovely glass of white here, if it wasn’t for you.

So, I’d like to take a moment, raise a glass and say cheers.

Cheers for all the lovely comments.

Sláinte for your continued reading.

Zum Wohl for signing up en masse.


Santé, you know I love you, right?

Proost. Where was I?

Ah, yes. Chin chin. 😎

And that’s not all. I’m also celebrating something else.

To be continued…

(… after some coffee).


Today is a very special day for me. My blog is a whole one year old (feel free to shout out and sing, Hip Hip Hooray’s).

As part of the celebrations, from today I am starting a fantastic and exciting new project with the lovely Tilly Bud over at The Laughing Housewife entitled 101 in 1001. Whereby both Tilly and I will try to complete 101 of our own challenges in 1001 days.

Considering some of the tasks I’ve set myself, I have no idea when I’m going to have time to sleep, so it may be that as of tomorrow, all you’ll read on here is a load of old gibberish. 😉

Feel free to check in on my progress at any time by clicking on the tab above labelled ‘101 in 1001’.

The last blog year has been a mass of ups and… actually I’m still waiting for the downs!! So as you might imagine, especially if you know me personally, or if you’ve read more than one post on here (and if you haven’t: run along now and click your way through) that I’ve spent most of my year showing my children my excited face. Being children, they have, of course, learned to mirror it. So on that note, I hope that the next blog year goes as well (or even better) – not for me you understand, but for the children ;-). We don’t want them going around looking all maudlin. Do we now?