101 in 1001

Together with Tilly Bud over at The Laughing Housewife we’re attempting our very own Day Zero project!!

The Challenge:

To set oneself 101 tasks, each to be completed over a period of 1001 days. Tasks should be realistically achievable and yet demanding! The list should be clear and unambiguous.

My Reasons:

I saw this idea on another blog and felt it to be the perfect challenge for me because:

Being a stay-at-home mum of four, it’s easy to let the years roll by, concentrating, for the most, part on the children and the husband, but in the process losing sight of oneself.

It’s important to me how my family see me. If I inspire them. If I make them proud.

I will be 40 next year (gulp) and I am very aware that there are certain things I have wanted to do for a while now, but just haven’t taken the time to actually do.

That, and I like lists. 😉

Would you be interested in joining us in our challenge? If the answer’s yes click here. If it’s maybe, then refer to yes. 😉

Start date: 25.03.2011
Finish date: 21.12.2013

Key: task completed, in progress, to be started
* Count starts from 25.03.2011

My Tasks

  1. Complete this list (27/31)

Take Blogging and Writing Seriously

  1. Blog 303 times*  (163/303)
  2. Finish writing my book
  3. Have a piece of writing published
  4. Write a children’s story
  5. Hit 50,000 visits on my blog (30,662/50,000)
  6. Reach 101 Facebook fans (101/101)
  7. Attain 101 flags visiting my blog (101/101)
  8. Attain 101 different countries on blog flag counter (101/101)
  9. Have a guest blogger write a post
  10. Maintain this list at least once a month* (15/33)
  11. Use a poll on my blog
  12. Attempt NaNoWriMo

The Body Beautiful

  1. Go swimming 30 times* (14/30)
  2. Do a detox with Reini
  3. Float in a floatation tank (1/3)
  4. Have a facial
  5. Go to a spa
  6. Go on 15 bike tours* (3/15)
  7. Do 1001km on cross trainer (173/1001)

Foodie Adventures

  1. Take a cookery course
  2. Try 30 new recipes* (30/30)
  3. Make crème brûlée
  4. Cook a goose
  5. Make home-made lemonade
  6. Make jam
  7. Become the owner of a small Le Creuset pan
  8. Become the owner of 5 new cookery books* (5/5)
  9. Write up my recipes either as a page or a book
  10. Prepare Joni’s recipe book
  11. Prepare Lori’s recipe book
  12. Prepare Aden’s recipe book
  13. Introduce 3 first-timers to sushi (and of course, eat with them) :-D* (3/3)
  14. Try 30 new restaurants* (30/30)
  15. Start a herb garden
  16. Grow vegetables and eat them
  17. Find 5 new wines that I really like (so much so, that I would want to buy it again) (5/5)
  18. Prepare a healthy snack for playtime at Aden’s school

Stretching Me

  1. Try belly dancing
  2. Take a pottery course
  3. Try archery
  4. Host a Eurovision party
  5. Host my 40th Birthday party
  6. Read 3 novels in German (this will be tough, as I can’t read well in German)
  7. Watch 101 new films list here* (101/101)
  8. Attend a murder mystery dinner
  9. Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years time
  10. Watch an orchestra
  11. Have flowers delivered to me
  12. Go to a falconry display
  13. Learn how to and make a photobook online

Family Time

  1. Go on a date once a month with Reini* (33/33)
  2. Have a date night (or afternoon) once a month with Joni, for a year* (7/12)
  3. Once Joni’s date night is completed, Lori date night once a month for a year* (4/12)
  4. Do a one hour home therapy session with Aden once a week for a year* (4/52)
  5. Document the therapy sessions and write it up including findings
  6. Take Lori on a bonding trip (Joni and I went to Paris)
  7. Ensure Akasha learns to swim
  8. Paint a picture with Reini
  9. Take Akasha to a dance class
  10. Teach Akasha to play chess
  11. Take Joni to a concert
  12. Take Lori to a concert
  13. Teach Joni to iron
  14. Help Lori with her portfolio challenge
  15. Do large jigsaw with Reini
  16. Make soap with all of the kids
  17. Take kids to Sensapolis
  18. Take kids to a live Wild West show

Places of Interest

  1. Go to Insel Mainau
  2. Visit Linderhof castle
  3. Visit Herrenchiemsee castle
  4. Go on a boat trip on the Danube
  5. Visit Wiblingen Monastery
  6. Go to Poland
  7. Go to the Zeppelin Museum
  8. Go to stone age museum
  9. Go to Botanical Gardens

Necessary Evil 😉

  1. Creosote the shed
  2. Creosote the car port
  3. Plant bushes in the garden It’s not all butterflies
  4. Reorganize the filing system
  5. Put photos in the picture frame we were given as a Christmas present many years ago (and hang up the frame)
  6. Find that cupboard of impossible proportions that will take all of those towels and bedding and fit in the tiny space at the top of the stairs (this task may jeopardise the whole challenge) 😦

Financial and Other-ly Rewarding

  1. Save enough money for a family holiday
  2. Save Eur 2 for each completed goal towards the family holiday* (Eur 84/202)
  3. Do 4 car boot sales, one with each child, put money to holiday fund* (0/4)
  4. Give blood
  5. Donate 100,000 grains of rice on freerice.com* (84,680/100,000)
  6. Volunteer for the school cafe
  7. Form a group of 101 10ers (38/101)
  8. Buy a pampas grass and plant in the garden (not quite sure where to list this, but it’s something I wanted since about age 5, so should be rewarding)
  9. Visit old school friend in Düsseldorf
  10. Turn our office into an inspiring room to work in, instead of a dumping ground
  11. Find proper support for our family giving real physical help
  12. Volunteer at local music festival
  13. Resolve the pet question

Perhaps, you are already doing your own 100 tasks in 1001 days challenge and would like to be part of our group? We have a linky set up by Emma

If you would like to display the linky on your blog you can get the InLinkz code

76 Replies to “101 in 1001”

  1. Your Foodie Adventures List has got me hooked already.. I’ve cooked a goose… DO check if you are buying one that still has it’s head on or not.. I didn’t check and decapitating it was a gruesome task.
    I hunted second hand shops here for 18 years and THEN after I’ve introduced a foodie friend to my favourite haunts SHE scored a small but beautifully formed Le Creuset for a less than 10 euros !
    Oh the luck!
    Yes I am jealous, BUT a) she’s a mate and b) she’s a foodie, so I don’t begrudge her since I know it went to live in a loving kitchen.

    1. Good advice. I definitely do not want one with a head on it. Absolutely not. And the husband would no doubt chicken out. Oh…

      Less than 10 Euro’s? That’s a bargain!!

      The foodie thing may seem boring for some people but I’m mad about food, so, it has to be a big part of my challenge.

      Today I cooked Dampfnudeln. I had no idea what I was doing. But they tasted good. Then halfway through lunch I realized this could go towards one of my thirty. Very exciting!

      Would you be interested in joining us in our challenge?

      1. Don’t I know it was a bargain!!!

        I would definitely be interested in joining the challenge but I have one problem, I had a fall at the end of November, managed maximum damage with minimum effort, was operated on and in plaster until February and will be on crutches for at least 2-3 months yet as the muscle and ligament damage is about as serious as it could have got.

        I’m currently not cooking or particularly mobile, so I’m not away from home at all except for necessary appointments, hospital, physio etc. On a practical level I could only start once I can walk and stand properly again.

        Would you mind if I started my challenge once I was fit again?

        If that throws things out too much then no problem, I understand 🙂

        1. It’s no problem at all. We would be absolutely delighted to have you on board.

          The time that you’re not mobile you could use partly to think up some of your 101 challenges. And to decide how you would like your page to look. It took a good six weeks for me to come up with 70 tasks that I felt were right for me. The other 31 are my first challenge.

          Have a think about it and if you’re in, write to me on my contact me form. Tilly and I will be happy to support you in whatever way we can. Both in setting up and continuing with your challenge.

          Hope to hear from you soon. 😉

    1. Thank you. Tilly and I would be delighted if you would join us. We even have a badge you can share!

      Just let us know and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

  2. Argh, I shouldn’t have read your list. Now I make my own! Thanks for the idea, I think it’s actually a really good one and I need something like that to get some things done.
    By the way, if you’re ever looking for a guest blogger, I’ll be glad to help. As a mother or a writer like yourself.

    1. We would absolutely love you to join us. We have a badge you can use and we’ll support you through the good and the bad!! I’m really enjoying it, my youngest just went back to Kindergarten today after three weeks off, due to an injury, so I haven’t been as active as I’d have liked, but I’ve still managed to do a few things. It’s really inspiring.

      And as for you being my guest blogger – fantastic – Let’s talk!!

      1. Alright, I just have to put it on my list to create this list! I know it’s going to take me a little while to come up with this, but I see the point of the exercise to be very positive (I don’t want to go as far as life-changing!).

        I’ll email you back about the guest blogging, sounds like fun.

        1. Great!! It does take a while, 101 tasks is a lot, but I guess that you already can think of a few things you always wanted to do, but hadn’t quite got around to yet, places you wanted to visit etc.

          Look forward to hearing from you!

  3. I have a list of 50 ideas already but it needs some serious fine tuning and I need to be a little realistic about the time scale, *even if* I only officially start when I am fit again.
    1001 days is roughly two years and 8 months so some things on my list will be more do-able than others.
    It’s amazing much much thinking you have to do to find 101 things though.. the last 40 are going to be harder to find and fulfill unless I break down some of my first 50 something into more manageable bites.

    1. Wonderful!!

      I’m really looking forward to you joining us. Both Tilly and I decided that completing the list could actually be one of the tasks. I think it’s particularly apt because it is challenging to find 101 tasks that are doable, and I think situations and opportunities will change over the period, so it’s a good idea for your list to grow with you. You can also challenge your readers to come up with tasks that might interest you once you’ve started. I think it’s also OK to adapt your list as you’re going along. After all, it’s about your own personal achievements, not someone else’s.

      I have recently read that some people go on and do a second list and take unfilled tasks from their first list on to their second. Both Tilly and I have one of our challenges as saving a specific amount of money for each completed task, the money saved can go towards a specific thing for example holiday, a shopping spree, day out, kitchen equipment, whatever you like. I think this is also a very good task because it will give us another goal, and even if not all of the tasks are completed, we’ll still have achieved that money saved to spend!! I want to save enough money to take us on holiday, so I’ll be adding to this fund by doing car boot sales with each of the children too.

      Just let me know the date you’d like to start, and I’ll help you with the badge. If you need any other support just say. I’ll send you my email address today.

      1. I would love to…but right now it would be rather impossible as I am still on my voluntary service in El Salvador with about 0 freedom and time to do any of the things above:( But once I’m back in Luxembourg (back home) ill update you on joining!! Thanks for the offer! Appreciate it.

        1. You’re welcome Martin!! Voluntary service in El Salvador – amazing!!

          Are you writing about it on your blog? I’ll pop over and see for myself later!!

  4. Just popped on to see how well you were getting on with your list. Not bad, not bad. Is it fun doing them all?
    I got to 20% on my list. I’m glad I have a 6 week long summer break this year. I’ll have to be busy. http://wp.me/P19dXU-1O You can see how well I’m getting on with my list for 2011.
    2012 list will have to be more achievable. 🙂
    Jamie x

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Maybe you’d like to join us next year? (Gives you lots of time to write up your list!)

      I’m really enjoying doing my list, I must admit. Every time I wonder what I could do, I turn to it. Some challenges are much harder to achieve than others, of course. This weekend I’m heading off to a spa with my daughter Lori. A couple of challenges will be fulfilled there. I had wanted to go to a spa for years and never achieved it and I really thought it would be one of the less likely to be achieved tasks, but the train tickets are booked and we’re starting to pack!!

  5. You’re doing really well with your list. Well done!!
    I just notice the one (Write a letter to yourself to open in ten years). I LOVE that idea. That would be so interesting to do.
    Hope all’s well,
    Jamie x

    1. Thank you!

      I saw it somewhere. I haven’t started it yet. But I have been thinking about what to write.

      Thanks for answering my question on your blog – such a good idea for a post!! I will pop back over and post a response.

    1. Brilliant!! Did you see I added the ‘101 101ers’ tomy list?

      I am a little sacred now!!

      I will pop over and say hello!
      Thank you. 🙂

      1. Wow! 12 already! So far I’ve got 2 and 2 halves. (The 2 halves haven’t published yet – when they do that’ll be another 2 for you.)

        I think you can do it. In fact, I KNOW you can do it. If each person who signed up introduced just one other person it will soon mount up. It helps that we’re all encouraging one-another.

  6. hi, nice list you have! great interests with lots of fun and adventure. Im a working mom, and i have a 101 list too and it makes me focus on whats important in life above work!… have a great day!

  7. You are doing well on your challenge so far! I like the way you have organised your list. I am almost up to 50 challenges and have already started a couple. We’ve had visitors and then travelling so running way behind. did kiwi dutch ever join in? I am debating starting another blog as I originally Piglet in Portugal is a bit of a travel blog about Portugal and it’s rather digressed as I became more involved with blogging.
    Don’t worry about being 40 it’s the new 30 🙂

    1. Don’t worry, we’re happy for you to join us whenever it fits for you. My blog has also digressed. Yes, Kiwi is a proud, badge wearing member. I must admit she has one of my favourite lists!! There’s a direct link to her list on my 101ers blog roll on the right. There are 24 of us now, isn’t that amazing?

      50 challenges? Great!! Did you ever find your original list? Click around on the other bloggers links on my page if you’re looking for some more inspiration.

      I’m really pleased that 40 is the new 30. I loved being 30!!

  8. Hi, Great list. I’ve just added myself as a fan on Facebook and you’re now up to 83 🙂 I started my second 101 list on November 5th and it’s great to see and read so many other blogs with such great goals!! Very inspiring to me as I start this fab journey again x

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