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The Wild Wild West

Did I tell you that I love my 101 list?

Yesterday, we bagged another task.

We squished our bottoms in amongst the crowds. And the wasps. And we were then gloriously entertained with gun shots, stunts, dancers, explosions and a couple of particularly hunky brave Indians.

I loved the drama, the sound effects, the corniness. I loved the fact that all of the actors sat at a row of tables after the performance to give autographs to anyone who wanted them.

In fact, I felt so carried along by the whole thing, I ran into the shop and bought each of the kids a memento afterwards. Which is something I rarely do. Remember: four whole kids.

To entertain you, I took a few shots. 🙄

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A little teaser…

We’re back from our wellness resort and I’m so relaxed, I’m still in my PJ’s…

I’m thinking of writing about the events in little instalments, but just to give you a taster here are a handful of pictures:

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