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Santa came during the night but I think he forgot something

Dear Santa,

This being the 6th of December means you flew by in the night with your lovely reindeer (hello Rudolph) and delivered presents all over Germany to grateful children such as my own.

Unfortunately, it appears you forgot something. Perhaps you wished to particularly enchant us this year, with festive spirit. However, the half meter of snow that you left behind really does belong in Lapland. And not here.

A little dusting on your merry way, indeed, leaves a nice atmosphere. But last night I suspect you dropped all of your sacks on our village.

Unfortunately, that left me with the job of clearing it all up this morning. Making a way for postmen and bin men and other passersby. Thank goodness that my husband came and rescued me half way through. Frozen tears adhered to my face,  I felt relieved. Handed him the much kicked and shouted at shovel, that had been my tool for my thirty minutes of hard labour. My thermals, worn to protect me from the intense cold, had combined with my hard work to make me so hot, I had actually dehydrated in the cold morning air.

Back in the house, Akasha and I readied ourselves for Kindergarten, preparing first, with a nice hot chocolate.

Given that, as the Kindergarten teacher later described: on her dismount from the town bus (where you’d apparently deposited the correct amount of snow) she found herself knee-deep in snow and that Akasha is not much more than knee-high, I decided that the best plan of action would be to attempt the hill in the car. After all, a tractor had already been up and down in a bid to clear the road.

However, your very generous application of snow, had also been too much for the little tractor it would seem. As a whole heap of snow lay at the top of the hill, effectively blocking me from entering the main road. A few wheel spins later I slid, askew, down the hill towards the garden of our local pizzeria.

Braking heavily, I managed to bring the car to a standstill. But still it stood (apart from more wheel spins) and I could no longer go up or down the hill. I could not even go sideways Santa!

So I did the only thing a girl could do and called a man to come and rescue me.


By 9am hubby, who apparently had been naked and heading for the shower when I called 😉 was to be found rescuing his damsel in distress once again.

We arrived at Kindergarten just in time. We couldn’t be late this morning, knowing that you’ll be popping in for a little visit at some point in your no doubt hectic schedule.

But I think that when I left you were pretty close by. I’m sure because even though the sky above me was completely white (and as I taught Akasha, white sky = more snow), you sent some nice rain to try to clear up the mess you’d left behind. Even though we’d already shoveled it. *Sigh*

Perhaps next year we’ll leave out a little less whiskey and a replace it with a little more milk.

Yours Truly

Sarah May