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Look! Look!! LOOK!!!

This is what my lovely husband gave me for Christmas:

Yes, he took stories/poems/discussions from all over my blog and had a book made out of them for me.

And doesn’t it fit just perfectly here:

As you may imagine, I blubbered all through Christmas!!!

Now, that should motivate me!!

For my True Love:

Reini and Children: so you’ll remember today.

Readers: Do you all know the song Twelve days of Christmas?

I used it as a basis for my husband’s Christmas present. (He works hard and spends little money on himself, so it’s my duty ;-)).

Besides, I am soppy and I do like to have fun. I also love Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Think last verse and the best bit is: I’ve taught all the kids it and we plan to wail it sing it to him on Christmas day, once he’s opened all the pressies!!! 😀

12 Single Socks
11 Bars of Choc’late
10 Beaming Bottles
9 Capable Cups
8 Dependable Pants
7 Brushes for the Pot
6 Erotic Massages 😉
5 Fun-ky Things—–
4 Gel Pens
3 Silly T’s
Dinner for 2
And a Silly Verse from Me to You! ♥


I thought I’d take a moment to inform you. I am a trend-setter. It’s official. In town, putting the final touches to my Christmas shopping, I counted not one, no, not even two, but actually five (yes FIVE) people, also transporting their provisions in a shopping trolley.

OK, I think they were all over 50 and unexpectedly, to me anyway, two of them were men. But no longer am I alone in my wandering of the streets with a trolley.

And none of them were tartan…

So, ladies and gents, if you’re looking for a fabulous last-minute Christmas present idea: a shopping trolley could be the way to go!

For further inspiration: me and my shopping trolley

Wow. I’ve never been a trend-setter before ;-).

Wishing you all a very merry and rejuvenating Christmas!!!