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A cat and rat tale

We’ve a neighbouring cat
who likes to kill rats
and leave them as gifts
on the front door mat

I know I shouldn’t treat
such love and affection
with pure rejection

But, in truth,
there is something uncouth
about a stiff rodent
lay there
at the foot of my stairs
I freak out!
I may shout!
Even swear…

Though, I have to admit
as she strides for the kill
I can admire her skill:
the speed of her paws
and those excellent claws
her precisional sight
then her agile flight

She plays with her toy
be it girl
be it boy
carries it around
with no heart
with no sound

When it’s dead
and she’s had enough
she brings it to me:
a small thank you
for the sausage that fell
from last nights barbecue.