Oops, I keep doing it again!!

You’d think that I have great, big, massive size nine’s. Seriously. Because I always, always, always, always manage to put both of my enormous feet right into it.

And then I dig.

And dig.

And dig.

And the hole just gets bigger.


And I have no way, whatsoever, of climbing out of it. I just make it worse.

Another man, had bought me a tiny present. Just a little thing. A small token of appreciation for the friendship I’d offered him. Knowing how it is to be a foreigner in a strange land.
Who knows, perhaps his thoughtful gift was even meant for both of us.

I’d sensed a slight stiffening when I’d mentioned it, in my own blase way.
So I tried to make it better. Having experienced the rising of that old green monster myself, on many an occasion. Even when there was no actual cause.

So I explained that we’d been chatting on the internet. The stiffening stiffened further and the eyes narrowed.

So I said not to worry. That one relationship for me was quite enough.

Further stiffening.

Plenty. I declared. Plenty. One relationship is plenty. One relationship requires so much effort, I’d keel over with exhaustion if I had to be involved in two…


You’re the only boy for me! I tried, weakly.

Boy? His eyes attempted to remain serious.

I’m too forgetful nowadays… I wouldn’t manage it. I added, deep in thought… Can you imagine, all the presents? I’d have to give you both the same gifts all the time, so that I wouldn’t get confused…
And that wouldn’t be very personal, would it?

But what I really should have said is:

Husband – I love you because you are you and I am me,
And we fit together
just like a lock and its key.

I love you because you let me be
who I can be
even when
that’s someone
who’s slightly

And I should tell you that:

You make my world
complete –
For another
I have no need!

Because you are my soul mate!
You are my friend!
And without you
My whole world would end.

15 Replies to “Oops, I keep doing it again!!”

  1. A beautiful post and quite frankly, if he is a tad jealous then it shows just how much he loves you and cherishes you being with him. As for the gift…well, I’m sure he really does just appreciate your friendship. Most certainly, it would be impossible to juggle two of them…men, I mean. Hope you are well.

  2. This made me laugh so much! I have similar issues with my SO. The web has opened up a whole world and avoiding this opposite sex is neither possible nor sensible. But keeping nearest and dearest secure and happy is definitely a diplomatic job! 😀

    1. I read your comment and at first I thought, that’s so true!! But then I realized that it’s not just something I do on the internet – I do it in actual real life too. Because I’m such a blether and I constantly find myself talking to somebody or other. I am very open and friendly and let’s just say it has been known to get me into all kinds of trouble.
      But, I think I can be so relaxed around people because I can just be myself, as I am completely happy in my relationship and so I never have the nervousness or emotion that I would have if I was looking for something else.

      1. Yes, me too – no real difference to ‘online life’ and ‘real life’ to me and it can cause problems. Ho hum – problems come whenever you interact with humans though. Perhaps we should just stick to pets?!

      2. That’s an idea!! Though the dog ran off after a passing dog at 6am one day last week, instead of just directly doing a pee. So I had to run after the man and his dog in my PJ’s in minus degrees…

  3. What a lovely poem! I cannot say anything else useful as I don’t know your husband, but it seems to me that being honest with him about it, even if it is awkwardly done, must be better than saying nothing and I think shows how much you love him even more than your wonderful poem.

    Hope all is well!

    1. He read the poem this morning and he loved it!!!
      I am a great believer in honesty. Partly because I just can’t lie. It’s a running joke in our family. My face gives me away entirely. I think mostly he respects that, but sometimes finds my absolute, unrestricted honesty and openness a little blunt.
      Ultimately, it keeps things interesting! 😉

  4. We’ve all been there, Sarah, where when we’re trying to back away from something dumb we said, all we do is make it worse. It’s like a whirlpool. We see something going down the drain but we’e powerless to stop it. All all is mended now.

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