Merry Chair Day

It depends what circles you move in. If it’s in my 13 year old daughter’s, then today is the stupendous, worked-hard-for-months, glorious, Dance Gala Day. If however, you happen to find yourself in my husband’s circle: today is Chair Day.

Though, to be fair, we had a prerun at Chair Day last week.

We rose and shone at 7am. I know. At the weekend. OK, OK, maybe shone is a little excessive, maybe it was more like, we flickered. But still… We hoovered and mopped, we removed the old chairs (luckily not to the recycling centre, given that we were, in actual fact, only anticipating the real Chair Day). We dismantled the ever-growing mountain of things from the table. And then, I even polished it! And the table oohed and aahed, and realised what a special day it really was, because under normal circumstances, it just gets a quick wipe.

And then we waited.

And waited.

After our slotted time had been and gone, we called the furniture shop and they kindly informed us about my husband’s little misunderstanding and that the seats were actually due to arrive next Saturday. As in, today.

We melted like old, used-up potato sacks, into the floor.

Then slowly (we were exhausted, we’d schlepped ourselves purposefully out of bed at 7am on a Saturday morning) dragged our once skinny arses into gear and returned the broken, fortunately-still-there chairs to their table and rammed them into place.

“What’s another week?” we queried.

After all, we’d waited almost a year.

Well, we’d argued for almost a year. I’d picked an amazing (fabulous, glorious, comfortable, splendid) green bench and my other half had picked a set of brown chairs. Every time the local furniture shop had a sale on, we rushed over, only to find ourselves with the exact same scenario: neither of us could budge from our favourites.

So, as all good married couples do, we decided, after a year of disagreements, that the only option was to compromise.

For one side of the table we purchased the bench and for the other the chairs.


Our house is interesting.


Good luck Miss 13 with your Dance Gala. I know you will nail it and dance beautifully. Just like I nailed the bench. Even Dad chose to sit on my bench before his chairs…


7 Replies to “Merry Chair Day”

  1. Funny, Sarah. We have the same arguments over furniture. Our compromise is a bit different. We get whatever she chooses! Merry Christmas.

  2. A wonderful story and so true about the delivery of just about anything. I. am happy that the compromise worked out and even he probably admitted (to himself) that your bench is quite comfortable I have missed your wit and humor and isn’t it the truth, that until something like new furniture arrives, the dust that has settled has taken root and the table used as a flat file cabinet has actually been cleared. The same thing occurs…as you know…when company is expected. So beware, if anyone is coming for the holiday. Another Saturday type day may happen again in the near future. Take care and I’m sure your daughter danced like there was no tomorrow. I do love to dance, myself. 🙂

    1. I think you’re right and there will be a few more Saturday like days in the next couple of weeks. At the Dance Gala I learned that my other daughter’s boyfriend’s family is coming for dinner (at some point!!).
      The little one danced her her socks off! We were extremely proud. The whole evening was fabulous.
      I also find it hard to remain still when I hear music!
      Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas.

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