6 Replies to “Our Greta”

  1. The Dutch government is taking the too high levels of nitrogen (released during animal agriculture, road traffic and construction VERY seriously.

    So much so that without warning they are reducing speed levels on many roads, have revoked permits (mid build!) for some 18 000 building projects from tiny home builds to large scale commercial stuff) and clamping down on many aspects of the meat industry.

    Of course all sorts of related industries are crying foul and onjecting but these are the HARD choices we HAVE to make as people, countries and the planet has to make if we sill want a planet for our kids to inherit.

    Our family is now more than 50% vegetarian and after the initial shock are finding we miss meat less and less, so I can forsee that this percentage will increase in the future.

    Bravo Greta.

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