There are days
I feel like yelling
“I am absolutely not ok!!”
There are days
I could start telling
My problems right from breakfast,
Right through midday,
They’d keep on spilling
Out all afternoon
And by evening
I’d take a breath and say
“I’m still not done yet –
But I need a break!”

There are days
I don’t know where to start
A smile sits on my face
Hiding worry
And concern
With all the good grace
I can possibly muster.

There are days
I sit on the floor
Feel the pressure
Feel the support
Somewhere to be
Where I can no longer fall
And I beg of myself,
“Please, oh please, no more…”

There are days
When I laugh and I sing
I might even dance
Those days I am funny
Those days I am cool
Those days I have everything under control
But those days,
Those days at the moment
Are far too few.

Some days I am weak
All broken
And ruined
Used and abused
All spat out
After being chewed.

Other days I am strong
I carry great heavy weights
In my head
In my heart
And in my arms
And I never drop a single one.



12 thoughts on “Days”

      1. I mean every word. I know how hard some days can be, and in my own not too distant past a few words of kindness from a friendly blogger has meant the world and eased many a burden.

        We are here when you need us.


    1. I always sway backwards and forwards on whether I should publish some of the more sad things I have written. Sometimes I decide against, I think, people don’t want to come here an be depressed! But then, when I do it, the response is so huge (in a positive way) somebody, somewhere always reaches out and says, me too and it was good to read that because now I ma not so alone.
      That’s a really good thing.
      I am a really open and honest person. Sometimes I feel ok. Othertimes I’m a right mess. I’m learning more that it’s ok to have these very different sides, I am who I am.
      Thank you Kiwi xxx

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