Brexit wrecks it

Although I am actually a very political person, I don’t normally share my political ideals on this blog.

But today is a terrible day for British politics. And I feel sick to the pit of my stomach.

The Leave campaign, with all its racism and hate has won.

Common sense, human compassion, a lust for peace and an ideology of hope and togetherness has been thrown right out of the window and stamped on.

Scotland will fight to be independent and Northern Ireland may well join in. Both were strong campaigners and voters on the Remain side. Both equally feel misrepresented and unheard.

The EU may well start to crumble.

I am sad. Truly sad.

I am shocked. Deeply shocked.

Today really is a tragic day. 😦




16 thoughts on “Brexit wrecks it”

  1. sarsm,

    I know what you mean and feel and I completely 100% agree… my heart sank when I heard the News this morning. Bigots praying on the ignorant have preached a carefully manipulated package of doom and won…

    Too much emphasis has been put negatively on Immigration (which is also positive and essential of course, especially with an aging population in many western European countries).

    Maybe this means that some people who CAN work but don’t , can (insert sarcasm) ” take back THEIR JOBS” as fruit and produce pickers, cleaners, carers, and all the other generally low paid and hard work jobs where they were not previously wiling to get their hands dirty in. Cut the dole and tell them that now “their” jobs are waiting for them…. yes?

    Also, not enough has been said about the fact that Immigration i not a one way street: some four million Brits are working in the EU, all made easier by the regulations put in place.

    Personally I think that this arrangement is genius… after all the more that people learn of other cultures, languages etc, the more integrated we become as human beings. We learn to understand and respect each other. We learn to stand together despite our differences.

    The Euro’s are on that the moment… Football, (soccer for some), the Dutch were hopeless and didn’t qualify to enter the tournament so I’m fiercely supporting: Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, France and Germany !!!!

    The campaign has been on too few issues … what about Foreign Policy, new tax tariffs that the EU will have to impose and the effect that will have on small businesses especially and UK jobs etc?

    I now worry deeply that the Netherlands will have the idea to follow suit, that would be a disaster too, for the nation and for the EU block.

    I feel SO much that the European Union is strong for Everyone if only we would stick together. Sure there are ups and downs, but like a marriage you have to work through it “in sickness and in health”.

    People complain a lot about EU regulations but many of these regulations are GOOD, i.e. compelling clothing manufacturers to make children’s clothes fire retardant / fireproof and regulating for strict ingredient labelling on food.

    They focus on one or two of the weirder regulations and ignore the thousand of other that keep us safe and stop greedy and corrupt manufactures from taking shortcuts to make profit without regard to our heath, safely or that of the environment.

    Yes there is a lot of financial waste going on in Strasburg and Brussels. but surely a transparent audit done by group from all countries of the EU could sort that out, bit by bit? An impartial broom making a clean sweep?

    Like you I worry about what will happen next. I never thought that the LEAVE campaign would win, I thought that surely common sense would prevail, like you I am shocked that I was wrong.

    I feel your pain… I hope that things do not get too chaotic in the near future for the UK and the EU. 🙂

    1. I am 100% with you on your reply.

      Like you, I think the arrangement is genius.I don’t understand why people are so short-sighted, instead of trying to work through problems they expect a quick fix or they throw their dummy out of the pram!!!

      Politics should never, ever be about quick fixes. It should always be about looking at all the evidence and looking into the future for generations to come. But our politicians look to staying in power rather than creating a legacy.

      We have information on tap at our fingertips but instead of people informing themselves and making an educated decision, they swallowed lies and negative campaigning. I am furious that leave-voters now want another referendum!!! Though I do feel very sorry for those who wanted to stay.

      A friend of mine has his own company and he said he really liked the Polish workers because they had a great work ethic: were totally reliable and worked hard.
      I completely hear you on the whole jobs thing!!!!

      The EU has so many good things to offer, it’s hard to even know where to start to list them. And as you said, yes some money is wasted, but it’s also wasted by every other government department, every business, even every household for that matter. Nothing and nobody is perfect.

      I am still so mad about all of this. I find myself apologising all around me about my fellow countryman’s behaviour and pushing the point that I spent most of my life in Scotland and the Scot’s voted to stay in. Some people feel quite bitter to the fact that the UK never really enthused over the EU and often got a ‘special deal’ and then walked out anyway. I don’t blame them. I just shake my head and apologise.

      The shit seems to continue to hit the fan. What with Johnson as Foreign Secretary. I can kind of understand the idea of ‘you reap what you sow’ that May might be having but doesn’t she care about the country at all? That man will completely embarrass the nation and will wreck international relations…. The German media are having a field day. They believe the Brits have completely lost it and put a clown in charge of foreign policy.

      I am starting to prepare for citizenship here. It will take a while, a bunch of cash and an exam. But it will be worth it.

  2. I often can’t fathom what possesses my government to do the things it does much less comment on the affairs over seas. Seems though the whole world is upside down.

    1. It does. Especially at the moment. The world feels like a scary more and more unsafe place. Not just because of terror but because of the people at the top, or rising to the top. People who are inflexible, self-obsessed and sometimes down right crazy.

  3. I’m still trying to process it all… My overriding emotion is stomach-churning Fear – Farage here, Trump in the US, what a world!!
    Pleased to have found your corner of Blogland 🙂

    1. Pleased to have found you too!!! At least now Farage is gone (rather than take any responsiblity for the chaos). But Johnson as Foreign Secretary??? Argh!!!
      If Trump wins… I have no idea what’s around the corner. The best possible scenario is just chaos. The worst is unthinkable.

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