Reading Project

My lovely daughter is posting again. She gets her GSOH from her mum!!

Nerd's Tea and Coffee Nook

Good news! I’m still alive! *manic laugh*

Anyway, I’m aware I haven’t exactly been the most active when it comes to updating this site and producing new posts, so sorry about that.
*checks dashboard and realises last update was well over a year ago*
*panics slightly, then kicks evidence under the bed and proceeds to ignore it*

Despite that, I have actually prepared a few different pieces that I’ve been wanting to share with you all for quite some time, but between school, training, drama club and general craziness, I’ve simply never gotten around to typing them up and/or scanning them in.

Not exactly the best excuse I know, but I’m afraid it’s all I have to offer.

At any rate, the trigger that’s gotten me posting again is actually a reading project that we’ve recently started in English class.
As some of you may already know, I’m a Scot…

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9 thoughts on “Reading Project”

  1. You have quite the talented daughter there. I do hope, perhaps you do as well, that she will post more things. My youngest daughter (mother of four) did begin a site but it went by the wayside…so to speak. Both her and her older sister have such a gift for writing but it seems not their choice to pursue it as I have. But there ya go! I do think your daughter might find it a good thing? You are a good mum to them all. I am glad I now know where here site is. 🙂

    1. Thank you!!!! It’s always the time factor isn’t it? She has so much homework to do. And she has unfortunately been sick a lot lately, so she had a lot to catch up on. I also hope that she posts some of her awesome artwork soon. My littlest also likes writing at the moment – she is nine (going on 99!!). Her latest thing is writing about mermaids 😉 Actually she is also constantly pretending to be a mermaid. I had to buy her a costume because she kept tying her legs up with belts?!? Not a good look!! (And ‘swimming’ between the table legs) Plus, I keep finding her in funny positions, holding her breath, acting like she’s trapped or something. I always panic slightly and rush over and ask her if she is OK and she says, “I’m playing!” with more than a touch of irritation, if I’m honest, so I slink off again.

      1. When my granddaughter was in grade school (she is now a teen) she loved to pretend she was some sort of animal or other and I went along. I knew at some point she would tire of it and did but I’ve never had one that pretended to be a mermaid. I do believe she is showing her creative side! Any other child is happy with a dog or horse or something but a mermaid….now that is something special. Good call on the costume over the belts. 🙂

      2. Yes, my other girls did too. But not as intensely and always varying the animals. Children are such curious creatures.

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