Unfortunately, this little ‘snippet’ is totally true…

Sitting on the loo,
Trying to do a poo
That’s been stored up there since last Friday.

Am bored shitless.


16 thoughts on “Unfortunately, this little ‘snippet’ is totally true…”

  1. Try and find Papaya in your supermarket (German ones have them more often than Dutch ones I’ve found) , also prunes, (right out of the packet or soaked, lots of fruit, full grain brown breads…

    … avoid bananas, rice and white bread …otherwise ask your GP for “Macrogol en Electrolyten, 13,7g TEVA” (at least that’s what’s on my packets).
    You put the powder into half a glass of water and it makes everything softer rather than going to the other extreme.

    My large doses of morphine turns everything to concrete, I’m trying to eat the fruit/ prunes etc instead of taking the packet medication but find that both work well.

    The Papaya is especially effective, don’t go too crazy on it or you’ll have the opposite problem to the one you have now.

    Hopefully these remedies will have you “good to go” in no time 🙂

    1. Over the last few years I have developed loads of food issues which seem to go along with my various ‘complications’. It makes the whole situation very complicated. I’ve already tried macrogol but it only makes me nauseous and gives me terrible, terrible stomach pains and still nothing comes out.
      I don’t normally eat prunes because I really don’t like the taste, but when a reader suggested them this morning I tought I’d give them a go. Because I don’t normally eat them though I’m not sure if I have an intolerance there or not – so I was really happy when you suggested papaya – I know I can eat papaya so I will buy some today!!

      Thank you!

      I think it’s because of the previous bug. It’s upset my whole system. Then I also had to rest a lot so I haven’t been moving the same as normal. So I will try running again today too.

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