Joni – A Ray Of Sunshine

Today is a mammoth day.

Today my first born stops being a child and becomes an adult.

Joni, Happy 18th Birthday sweetheart!

I have a few things that I want to say.

Firstly, I’m sorry that the very first words you heard from my mouth were, “Ooh, she looks like a punk!”

But you proudly wore the best hair gel known to man, child or midwife. Which leads me to my second apology – I’m sorry that I made you crap yourself in the womb. The midwife explained that you must have had a rather large shock, she could even pinpoint roughly when in the pregnancy that shock actually happened, the marvellous woman. So you’re in the loop: I was running for a bus, heavily pregnant and I fell. I know, I know, the midwife tutted a bit at the thought of my all-up-front-baby-belly crashing down toward the ground. But in my defence, I was trying to help another, even more heavily pregnant woman. You see it wasn’t my bus. Instead, my friend, another future mother-to-be, sat on her bus and forgot to get up and dismount the said bus (she was coming to visit us) and so I raced alongside banging on the window and well, you know the rest…

Despite calling you a punk, you have to know that I was totally smitten with you from the second I laid eyes on you. I thought that you were the most beautiful thing I had seen in my life. I was high on drugs and somewhat uninhibited so I got away with banning every visitor from leaving the room until they had admitted that you were, in fact, the most beautiful baby ever to be born. Those visitors included our own guests of course, as well as midwives, auxiliaries, cleaners and naturally a sprinkling of doctors. Some of them seemed to find it all highly amusing (though not as funny as when, post caesarian, I yelled at the doctor to “Bring back my foot!” – I couldn’t feel my legs and all I saw was some gentleman’s hands carrying my foot down the operating table – a foot, I’d like to add, that I hadn’t seen for quite a while (you being all up front and that), I do admit that I did have a panicky moment or two thinking that he had surgically removed my lower limb, without permission, and had then proceeded to taunt me with my once bodypart) but some did appear a little irritated – especially once they became known as frequent visitors…

I was so inspired by your beauty that I made up a song for you, right there, in the hospital. I couldn’t stop singing it. And I still remember it. It went like this:

I’m Joni Beth, Joni Beth (insert your surname)
That’s who I am
I’m a beautiful, beautiful baby
With a cutie face

That’s it.

Unfortunately, despite my inspired moment, I’m no Carole King.

Dearest Joni:

You have developed into a young woman who is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside (which is the most important bit).

But sweetheart, despite the fact that you are now an adult, you will always, always be my baby.



20 thoughts on “Joni – A Ray Of Sunshine”

  1. After reading that, I went into the other room and hughged my daughter told her hopw beautiful she is. The birthday party is spreading world-wide. 🙂

  2. Wonderful! That was a pleasure to read and made me want to rush upstairs, wake my 14 and 13 year olds, give them a hug and have a chat about their humble beginnings – best not though, it’s 2am here. Incidentally, my eldest had hair which stuck up a good inch or so off the top of her head from the day she was born and for a good month or two after and, I’m ashamed to say, when I was told that my second baby was a girl, I said, ‘I’m going to be sick.’ Even though I obviously know that was purely down to the fact that I had gastroenteritis and had gone into early labour and that I need never explain to any parent that what I really felt was over-whelming love, I still haven’t brought myself to tell her that’s what I said. Maybe that’s one for her 18th…
    I always enjoy your blog and so have a little award for you:) Please see:

    1. Sorry that it’s taken me so long to answer your comment.

      Maybe you should save that one for her 18th!! I’m sure she’ll see the funny side.

      My son was most displeased to learn he was having ‘yet another’ sister when we broke the news that the our fourth child would be a third little girl. He’d really banked on a little brother. So much so, he hid himself under the table for a while!! A few weeks after she was born though he told me he was very glad she was actually a girl. My littlest loves that story!

      Also, I once baked Joni a birthday cake and decorated it with sweets (I was quite pleased with how it turned out). I carried it over to her and started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her, but she started wrenching, we had a brief moment to shove the cake out of the way. I guess it was just too early in the morning to be greeted by a sweetie cake!

      Thank you so much for the award – I’ll pop over! 🙂

    1. Aw thank you! She is a beautiful girl – inside and out! (I always remind her though – the inner beauty is the most important part)

  3. My daughter will soon be 35. She has two of her own babies, but she is still my baby. However, she is not real good at letting me baby or spoil her any more so I now dole it out to the grandchildren!

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