A couple of recent corkers

My husband and I attempted to usher Akasha, our six year old, off to bed. She, as usual, came up with several excuses as to why she should stay up but we didn’t give in and insisted that we, as husband and wife needed to spend time together and as it was Valentines Day we wanted to do something on our own.

She responded, “You do do something on your own – you sleep together!”

A few days previous my eldest daughter (Joni) and I were approaching the car and she explained to me:

“Sometimes I see a car parked so crappily and I think ‘What the Hell????’ and then I look closer and I realise that it’s our car and my mother was the one who parked it.”


21 thoughts on “A couple of recent corkers”

  1. LOL, love it!

    We used to say the same thing about my mum’s best friend’s parking skills. I wonder if she’s improved any – it’s been years since I last saw her!

  2. We have a very opinionated neighbour who made a loud comment about Himself’s parking a while back… a few days later the same neighbours car was diagonally parked half in the parking space and half on the pavement… so go figure.

    Little Mr. was put out that he couldn’t sleep (all night) with me when I let him drift off to sleep next to me (Himself out very late collecting Kiwi Daughter from a social event some distance away) The deal before he fell asleep was that Himself would carry him to his own bed (sleeping) once the arrived home.

    Little Mr responded indignantly with: ” aw That’s not fair, Papa ALWAYS gets to sleep in your bed!!!”

    … and talk about the honest truth, there’s a friend they meet at the swimming pool who’s mother is not just a little, but very substantially overweight, she usually orders fries or cake in the cafe and has a habit of saying things with a laugh like “oh I don’t need it, but ha ha it’s nice”… a few weeks ago Kiwi Daughter was sitting across the table from her and when the friend said this, Kiwi Daughter looked her up and down very pointedly and said “No, you DON’T need it! ”

    Ouch…. there was a very long and awkward silence… Himself wanted to laugh out loud because it was the honest truth, but he had to restrain himself… he had a word to Kiwi Daughter later in the car and she said “But what?” I only said what was so very true?!

    1. 😀

      We spend the first part of their childhood telling them to ‘tell the truth’ and when they do, they’re corrected again!!

      On Monday I picked my daughter up from ballet. There’s a little (4yo) brother who comes along to collect his older sister, he always has a lot to say for himself. He’s one of those little boys who looks like he’s actualy a grandfather and should be wearing a cap and perhaps smoking a pipe. He speaks with a strong dialect too. Anyway, he was telling me that I couln’t possibly cope with one of his sweets because they were too sour, though I could give it a bash if I wanted to (and telling his mother off – that he was no where near half way through the packet yet as he still couldn’t see the bottom of the container) when his mum turned to me and said last week he told her friend (who’s husband had just left her) that he’d always thought he was fool. I stopped laughing as my jaw hit the floor temporarily. Then she continued, later in the week he got chatting to an elderly gentleman with a zimmerframe (she tried to make it better saying that he really was very, very old) and apparently he had said to the old man, “You’ll die soon.” Quite matter-of-factly. I’m sure I would have prayed for the ground to open up and swallow me!

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