Let’s start the year with a little bedroom talk

Apparently my son’s remote control is broken.

Joni decided, in her loveliness and wisdom that this morning, as she is doing work experience at Aden’s school this week, she would take on the responsibility of getting her younger brother up and ready for class and leave both of her parents luxuriating in bed.

I did, of course, need to get up in order to find that out but then I returned to my bedroom with a skip and a hop rather than a shuffle and a slouch.

I lay on the bed and my head sank into the pillow for a brief moment.

The following thirty minutes were spent trying to bury it under the  said pillow as the boy child raced from to room to room singing, “Lucy in the sky with diamonds…” at full volume. (And he only sang that same line over and over again because, quite evidently, he had forgotten the rest of the words.)

My son’s remote control is broken.

I know this because one finger has quite clearly jammed the fast forward control so that he can only race from one room to another and one thumb has obviously frozen the volume level at ‘high’.

And the the mute button never worked.


13 thoughts on “Let’s start the year with a little bedroom talk”

  1. Haha, I always tell everyone my 4-year old only has two motion buttons: off and fast. He doesn’t have a slow button. Funny how we can associate our sons with electronics. Did you ever see that funny photo of the control panel for men and women? The man’s control panel has an on and off button. The woman’s control panel is covered with buttons of all types. Pretty funny!

    1. I didn’t see it but I can imagine it was pretty funny.

      Totally true, I always associate my son with electronics. I’m clueless about anything that has electricity running through it. The men folk know how everything works without even looking at the instructions!!!

    1. I’m glad you’ve missed me – sort of!

      I’ve missed posting too. Due to some freak of nature I keep losing minutes (and hours). Where does the time go? And my energy?

  2. I have a French friend who has four kids and she said that when you were pregnant you need to put in an order for your child to come with an “on/off” switch.
    I said yes, I tried, but if said child came supplied with a switch then I haven’ found it yet. She sighed and said “there must be something wrong at the baby factory, none of mine came with one either!”

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