A little bit about what I’m actually doing right now

After reading Dianne’s comment I decided that maybe it’s time I gave you a little introduction to the book I’m writing:

In The Toilet

A few years ago, while being blown around the Isle of Skye, we happened upon a lovely little B&B with delicious breakfasts, though, I do admit, not quite as heavenly as those we’d discovered the week before in Aberdeen. But I digress.

The family run B&B had something I wouldn’t normally go for: a shared bathroom. However, 8pm had been and gone and we were hungry so we decided that beggars couldn’t be choosers and we booked in. And in the spirit of honesty, we’d almost ran out of petrol.

While squatting in the bathroom, as you do, I discovered something truly magnificent: a ‘toilet book shelf’.

Perched there, on the edge of my throne, I had the good fortune of being seated next to a carefully chosen selection of reading material. Most of the books were humorous but whatever the genre, each book had one particular thing in common: they were all the type that you could just dip into. Open a page and be entertained. Indeed, nipping out to the loo became something to look forward to.

I brought the idea back to my new home in Germany. I wanted to develop my own little ‘toilet book shelf’.

But, it’s not as easy as you may think. Firstly, the guest toilet in our flat had no natural light, and no space for a shelf. I swear, in a previous life, it had only existed as a broom cupboard!

So, for a while, I had no possible shelf and had to be content with looking around for the right little books. This was an almost impossible task, as my German reading skills are, to be honest, crap. I had no idea if the gags were really funny or not. And I didn’t improve myself by constantly ordering English books from Amazon.de. As you might have gathered I’m a bit of a reader. (Seriously, I should have asked them to start one of those loyalty programs. I’d have been up for the star prize…)

Then, excitingly, we did the grown up thing, we stopped renting and bought ourselves a house. The added bonus? (Or was it stipulated necessity?) A light, bright guest toilet…. With marble windowsill in tact. Doubling as our ‘toilet book shelf’.

Except, I still only had a couple of books.

So I made a decision. I’d write my own ‘Toilet Book’ for my ‘toilet book shelf’ and perhaps even, for yours? 😉


31 thoughts on “A little bit about what I’m actually doing right now”

  1. … Ideas for titles???
    – ” I’m On a Roll”
    – “The Evening (Bog) Standard”
    – “The Throne Tome”
    – “Mini Novel, One Sheet at a Time’
    – ‘” The Perforated Script’
    – “Tissue Issues”
    – The Tissue Times”
    – “Loo Paper Capers”
    – “Light Relief”
    – “Dishing the Dirt”
    – “the Poop Scoop”
    – “Just a Wee Novel”
    Yes, I know, I’d better stop there… clearly “My Mind is in the Toilet”…

      1. The title “Mini Novel, One Sheet at a Time”is all ours LOL 🙂
        I think I will have to work on doing mine in pictures… life is a bit chaotic right now with end of year stuff, work stuff, leadup to Sint Nicolas etc but it’s on my very long “to-do” list.

      2. Your pictures will entertain us all.

        I am seriously doing very little else. The next two days will be crazy.

        The amazing thing is, the children have learned to use the washing machine. 😉

  2. My best friend told me that her bathroom is big enough to hold her bookcase and it’s perfect there because she doesn’t room in the house for it otherwise. So your book might have a spot right on that shelf!

  3. I say, go for it!! You would do wonderfully well writing such a book. I love your sense of humour and whenever I do need to have a bit of a laugh or all out chuckle, I just mosey over to your site and WA LA!! What more could anyone ask for.

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