NaNoWriMo Day one

So I got up this morning, left mess everywhere ran 5km on the cross trainer and then wrote 3888 words.

I had already planned to take tomorrow off (my five-year old will turn six).

My husband baked cake and took the still five-year old to the doctor.

He even brought me a latte and a filled roll upstairs for lunch.

I could really get used to this life. 🙂


16 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day one”

    1. I set myself a high target for today as tomorrow Kashi has 11 little guests coming over for her birthday and I know I’ll have no time at all.

      I hope I can keep it up after that.

      You’ll do brilliantly!

  1. 3,888 words! Geez! It would probably take me a week to do that! (And not just because I’m a terrible typer). Well done on your great start. 🙂

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