Excitement of the day

Last weekend my husband celebrated his birthday. Some of you may also know that I turned 40 in the summer. A very generous, angelic, amazing, crazy friend presented me with a voucher: To Take All Four Kids Overnight.

I combined the two and bought an overnight voucher for a hotel including dinner. And we’re off, TODAY.

Now, you might start to get the idea that I’m excited.

I’ve been biting at the bit ever since I managed to pull off the deal with my friend to coincide with the dinner, bed and breakfast package at the hotel.

My husband has been dutifully suspicious as to why I have been grinning form ear to ear for the past few weeks.

Since his birthday, we’ve been playfully bumping shoulders and asking, “Are you excited?”

But it took me until this morning to realise that our enthusiasm dulled into insignificance in comparison to the children’s.

We awoke to clonking on the stairs and a sharp intake of breath this morning.

Admittedly, the gasp was due to the fact that it had snowed during the night.

As was the reason for salt being dragged up from the cellar.

And the idea to take shovels in the car.

But the necessity to pack a suitcase with an arrangement of teddies and and clothes as well as being fully dressed – including winter boots and snow trousers – and ready to go at 9.30am especially when we’re not due to leave until after 1pm, says to me that my children are in higher spirits than I am!

Right, I’m off to shave my forest. There’s a sauna!


16 thoughts on “Excitement of the day”

    1. Thank you!

      I can’t believe how much stuff they are taking with them. When she opens the door she may well slam it shut again as it looks like they’re moving in.

      I might chuck them and their stuff out of the car and make a run for it! 😉

    1. She has three kids of her own. They all had a fabulous time. My kids slept in sleeping bags (which they love) and they had built a fabulous igloo in the garden when we returned.
      My friend said my kids were really helpful so I think it all went well.

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