NaNo No-No?

I have spent the day stuffing myself with Cadbury’s Whole Nut.

(This is not an advertisement,  Cadbury’s did not give me any free Whole Nut. They have never given me any free chocolate, which is probably a good thing. Anyone in my vicinity can quite clearly see, I have no self-control when it comes to Whole Nut. It’s actually the real reason I left Britain and relocated to Germany, there’s a distinct lack of Whole Nut here. In fact, there’s a distinct lack of Cadbury. If I’d have continued to live in the UK I’d have looked like a Weeble by now. Instead, I just look like a sausage.)

While I chomped (could it be that Whole Nut, in excess quantities, makes your bottom burp?) I also contemplated.

Should I or should I not set myself the challenge of joining 300,000 or so other writers and attempt a novel of at least 50,000 words in 30 days? NaNoWriMo

I had planned to make a gut decision, but I fear the whole Whole Nut escapade may have jeopardised my instinct.

What do you think? Am I certifiable? Do I need this challenge like a hole in the head? Will it give me back my mojo? Are you taking part? Will you support me? Will you come over and pair odd socks and make me chicken soup and hot chocolate and tell the children to “Rise and shine” each morning? Could my fingers actually fall off? Could I manage 50k qualitative words in 30 days or would I just be outpouring poop?

As The Beatles are famed for asking: “Won’t you please, please help me.”


62 thoughts on “NaNo No-No?”

    1. That’s exactly the sort of support I’d need. I’m going to talk to my kids tomorrow, if they’re on board for a there-in-body-but-not-in-mind Mama, then I’m in!

  1. Well, Tilly Bud has planned to write a book of poo-poetry, so why can’t you write a book full of poop? I’d play, but I had to table the 101 in 1001 as well as pretty much anything else that resembles having a life in favor school.

  2. You should try – even if you don’t manage it, it’s worth a go…mind you, I’d never be able to do it as I’ve no creativity and no ideas for stories. I think they’d just end up ramblings.

  3. I’ve just had an eighth of a white chocolate cake, so I’m pretty full on the chocolate front right now, so I won’t be thinking about chocolate for a few days. Chocolate aside, Sarah, I’m trying to get my book started. The intention’s there, I’m just waiting for the red light that’s stopping me to change to green. Don’t think I could possibly do it in thirty days though. It’s a challenge… I’d say, if you want to do it, do it! Why not? 🙂 I’ll have a go after you… 😉

    1. Maybe NaNo could be the green light for you, just to get you started?

      Thank you Tom – it’s a massive challenge. November is already filling up with appointments for me so I know it would be tough. But I’m keen, if not scared. I think it might just be EXACTLY the push that I personally need. So that’s exciting.

  4. Forgive me for playing the armchair psychologist here, but the fact that you even asked the question suggests that you probably want to do it. In which case, of course you should! It seems a tough challenge in my eyes. But that’s no reason to not give it a shot. Good luck if you do. 🙂

    1. Armchair psychologists are always welcome here.

      I guess I need a push. My friends have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about and think I’m crazy. But I think they feel my excitement rising at the thought of it.

      I’ve decided to talk to my children tomorrow and make my mind up once and for all.

      Watch this space…

  5. Go for it! My daughter and I both did our own novels in the July one and managed it! We even managed to slip a four-day holiday in there too! It was touch and go for my girl for a while (but then she is only 12) but I was as proud as punch when she made it past that 50K mark! So, if you have the time, go for it 🙂

    1. That’s fantastic. I can just imagine how proud ou must have been. My teenagers looked at your comment yesterday and were truly impressed.

      I’ve made my decision. I’ll post it shortly. 😉

    1. Time? What’s that?

      I’ve written a list for today, it includes:

      Preparing the lesson for my student for tomorrow
      Cleaning the office and the bathroom
      Going food shopping
      Calling the doctor re ANOTHER stye on my eye
      Going shoe shopping for two children (God, please help me this time)
      Organising the to be six-year old’s birthday party
      Cooking and freezing a selection of meals
      Pick up a prescription (or two)
      Calling a friend re arrangements for Sunday
      Writing a novel plan

      I should also think about calling the hairdresser or at least attempting to cut my son’s hair myself. It’s starting to cover his face…

      What was that you said about time? 😉

      1. Er I didn’t finish it, I haven’t finished it!! But I did extras like go to the doctors and the chemist THREE times and come through a lot of hair because of a likely nit invasion. Luckily false alarm.

      2. Never a dull moment, huh? Well, good luck if you decide to take on the challenge. I know I’d love to take this one or another challenge on writing children’s books, but I have no extra bandwidth right now.

      3. I really want to do a children’s book too. And perhaps have Lori do the illustrations. But that’s not what I’m working on right now.

        You have a lot on at the moment I think!!

      4. I wish I could offer you a holiday from it all.

        It’s the end of something bad and the start of a bright, new beginning.

        How are the lumps?

    1. That’s so funny, that’s pretty much what the girls said to me (first draft) and I hadn’t even thought of that – it really makes a difference to the pressure.

      Have you decided yet?

      I’m on a roll!

      1. I’m off to for a romantic mini break with my husband today!!! (Sorry that just needed some exclaiming!) It’s very mini, a friend decided to take my kids as a 40th pressie and I presented my hubby with a one night stay in a hotel with dinner last week, on his birthday. We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. I’ll cotact you then and help you sort it out.

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