Marbles loser

My fourteen-year-old just asked me if my watch works.

I glanced down at the many-moons-old, radio controlled device, which always tells me the exact (as in to the second) right time, which quite clearly then, was a present from my very German husband and I thought to myself: what a curious question.

“Yes Lori. It works just fine.”

“Why then, when you’re wearing it, do you often ask us, what time it is?”

If I admit to you that I was stunned by her question, does that worry you more?


28 thoughts on “Marbles loser”

    1. 🙂 Or like when I swap back to contact lenses after wearing my glasses for a while, and I keep trying to shove by non-existent glasses up my nose?

      1. Hanging in there, dealing with the irrational, delusional and impulsive behavior from the other side. I wish it didn’t disturb me so much, but some things happen almost every day to remind me. Argh…

      2. Just remember that you are doing and you have done exactly the right thing. I’m proud of you – you are a strong and amazing woman.

        And the perfect mum.

    1. They do. I recently met up with an old friend in a new city, and went for a walk with her and the kids. The kids noticed things all over town she’s never spotted before – despite living there for years!

  1. Hehe! Isn’t that the truth. I love the questions children ask. Mine are 13 and 12 now but they still come out with absolute classics. It will be such a shame when they stop. My 13 year old had to do a piece for school about ‘Mum’s life when she was 13’. One of her questions was, ‘What did you do instead of shop?’ I wasn’t aware we didn’t! I think she was quite surprised to find we did have our oshops back then, or at least any that would be of interest to a teenager.

    1. 🙂 My eldest came home one day and asked me to tell her an embarrassing event that had happened to me (she was also around 13 at the time) I chatted on and on (one embarrassing episode after another) and then she finally butted in, “I only need one story!”

      What a strange question, of course we shopped!!

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