A weak week

It’s funny to think that just over a week ago we were building up pavilions (that a few short hours later were to be dramatically felled in a storm), we were rehearsing the Gay Gordons (which we wouldn’t need because we had never intended our garden to become a mud wrestling arena) and we were blowing up space hoppers (which were then inappropriately used as footballs by small boys, providing one of the first catalysts of the evening for the ADHD one’s meltdowns).

It seems like such a long time ago. And yet, it was only just over a week.

A little more than 7 days ago, a friend asked me if I ran on adrenaline. I could give her the concrete answer that I definitely wasn’t being rejuvenated by sleep. After all, I was only averaging 4 hours a night. I thought about the question a little, and decided, after looking up at the sun-filled sky, that I must run on solar power.

I stared at the sun (and the sun, after I’d recovered from my blind spot, twinkled back down at me) and I smiled. Full of giddy anticipation of cake and guests and sushi and cake and dancing and space hoppers and actual hopping, and cake and showing the Germans just how to do the Gay Gordons and the highlight: an extra stubborn piñata donkey.

And then a bloody great grey cloud arrived, cut off my energy supply and I was forced to down cheap bubbly wine and Duracell batteries homemade mint chocolate truffles.

I can’t believe that we were still living and celebrating the festivities just over 168 hours ago!

I’ve spent the days since waving goodbye to friends, attacking overflowing bins, finding little surprises I hid from myself in the midst of my I-think-I’m-funny boozed-up state, pouring through photos, wondering if I should vacuum the confetti off the grass and devouring the Olympics.

Yesterday, I overdid myself in the latter activity, it would seem.

I should inform you: I’m completely useless at sport.

I can’t throw a javelin more than a meter.


My P.E. teacher used to despair of me.

And it all got much worse when I accidentally swivelled too far and lunged the discus into my terrified team…

I suspect that my teacher had had a premonition. I’d been given a beanbag.

I really hold no malice at having always been the last to be picked for school sports teams. I suppose my classmates feared for their own safety whilst in my vicinity.

Despite my own inadequacies though,  I still love to watch the pole vaulters and the pommel horsers and the sprinters and I had a lovely, restoring nap during the men’s 10,000 meters.

But I think I must have cheered/clapped/cried too much as Ennis strode comfortably to victory in her 800 meter heptathlon finale.

Because, when I woke up this morning, something with my back was slightly awry.

Despite the assistance of painkillers, I have not been able to make the dinner. Or do the washing. Or go to the loo without some assistance in the dropping of the drawers department.

Bugger. So this is what it’s like to be in your 40s!


29 thoughts on “A weak week”

  1. Oh sweet Jesus, thank goodness we left before the assistance in dropping your drawers was requried! Hope you feel better soon. xx

    1. Thanks. Oddly, they seem to be battling to do the job here. I think they find it funny.

      I am avoiding the doctor. A few weeks ago I couldn’t explain why I had 5 foreign bodies in my heels. Last week the gynaecologist questioned me suspiciously about umpteen (as in more than 13) bruises on my upper legs. I’ve since realised I must have kept walking into the dining table during preparations (something I regularly do). It’s just the right height!

      I am such a klutz. I have absolutely no idea how I hurt my back. If I go to him again he’s going to tell me I need to be wrapped up in cotton wool for my own protection! 😉

  2. Yes, this is what it’s like to be in your 40’s. 🙂 But it sounds like you had a blast beforehand. Ice and ibuprofen do wonders. Best wishes. Nice to see a post from you. 🙂

    1. The party was amazing! And the few days after,once the weather sorted itself out, guests returned and we bounced around on the hoppers. Fantastic!!

      The ibuprofen is really kicking in today, so I’m able to move around a little better. Thank goodness!

      I’ve been away for a long time, hey? I know, it’s been depressing!! But I *should* be properly back soon. Things are slowing down again here now and I *should* have more time. 😉

  3. That’s it, you’re over the hill (trust me it’s not the 50 hill, it’s the 40 hill) and everything in your body is going to start letting go. I’m glad you had a great party and I hope your back feels better soon.

  4. Hope you had a FANTASTIC time in spite of the fickle weather putting a spanner in the works.
    Trust me ice-packs can be your best friend for pain, buy the gel packs in bulk, say half a dozen and stash them in the freezer. They really DO work wonders.
    Rest and recovery time ditto.
    Your forties will be both much better and much worse LOL yes (sigh) the aches and pains get worse but you get better at avoiding and managing it (most if the time in my case!)
    Take it easy and when you are recovered we’d love to see photos!
    (btw …How did the food go?)

    1. The weather actually caused a lot of hilarity.My hubby spent pretty much the whole morning putting up the pavilions (it turns out he’d lent them to a young man, who all but destroyed them but had not said a word, and it took a lot of repairing), then it all came down in moments!! The rain was torrential!! One little boy tried to save the whole thing all by himself. Bless him.
      The food was brilliant – thank you once again. I only have a few photos but I’m trying to round them in! Plus I want to ask permission from each party-goer so I guess that will take q a while.

      The costumes were wonderful. I was a strawberry and my man a ballerina. It was fantastic watching peoples expressions as they saw him. A couple almost hit the ground, they were laughing so hard!

      My back is on the mend I think. My husband has been reading up some advice from THE German back specialist and made a full diagnosis. He forced me to do some special contortions, I mean stretches, and hey presto I think whatever had knotted up or had popped or whatever seemed to improve. I think he may well be in the wrong job…

      Still I’ve rested a lot today (taking your very good advice), hopefully tomorrow will be even better and so on.

      How’s your foot?

  5. No hang on a mo….at 40 you won’t have yet hit the menopause…. so more joy to come. I can PROMISE you ( 😉 )

    1. My doctor offered me a ‘remove all’ op last week! Would that mean I could avoid menopause? (Sorry biology not my strong point!)

      1. Hmm, interesting question and one well worth fully investigating before you go any further.
        If you mean by ‘remove all’ a bilateral (both sides) salpingo-opherectomy (tubes and overies out) plus removal of uterus and cervix…. well that seems rather radical!
        Anyhoo… if you loose your overies, you won’t be making any oestragen, so you’d probably be on HRT, at your age, at least for a few years. But really, really, really, look at all the options and ask all the questions….

      2. I spent a while looking and this site – thank you so much. I feel a lot more informed now. I’m not rushing into anything and I’m thinking I should go and get a second opinion. I was so shocked when the doc suggested it to me. I spent the whole time trying to digest the suggestion and not asking any questions! I’m definitely not rushing into anything.

        Thanks again for your kindness.

      3. I posted another link which was excellent, but that seems to have disappeared…. I’ll see if I can find it again

  6. Glad to see your fun post, sorry about your back going out! Isn’t funny the terminology used to describe a strained back? Like your back went somewhere without you, but you know it isn’t true, because the pain vividly reminds you that the back is still there, but it is in constant protest. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you!! Yes you are definitely acutely aware that it’s still there!

      I am feeling a lot better already. My husband ‘diagnosed’ with his back book, got me to do specific stretches and it got a LOT better. I’m thinking of renting him out…

    1. It seems I have a lot to look forward to…

      I once heard someone talking about ‘ageing gracefully’. Ha!

      But on the bright side, in ten years time, when I’m 50 and you’re approaching 60 we’ll be able to look back on now and think how fit we were then…

      Shall I open a bottle of fizzy plonk?

  7. I really didn’t want to believe the hype about your body letting you down in your 40s. Sadly, I’m 41 now and seem to be constantly nursing injuries. Welcome to the knacker’s yard! 😉

    1. It makes you wonder why we really celebrate, doesn’t it?

      Thank you for welcoming me, but I’m not really sure I want to be here. 😉

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