Aden’s surprise

Next week I will be, gasp, gulp, sigh, sob… FORTY!!!

Don’t be wishing me a ‘Happy Birthday’, yet. Germans consider birthday wishes before the actual day to be bad luck. I’m not particularly superstitious. Though I don’t walk under ladders – I’m a klutz and something could easily drop on my head. I do salute magpies – I’m polite. I do shriek quite loudly if someone attempts to put their shoes on the table – it’s unhygienic. I do swoop in and attempt to win the battle of the wishbone – I see no point in throwing a wish possibility away. I did spend around half my childhood looking for a four-leaf clover, with no success. And I do knock on my head, if I’m not in close proximity to a more perfectly formed wooden object.

No, I would describe myself as more pragmatic than superstitious.

Anyway, if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that I’m planning – and that means currently organizing – a proper knees up for my fortieth. I can say knees up now, I’m almost forty. Though whether I can actually get that bloody wrecked left knee up there is another discussion entirely… Where was I? Oh yes, party. So I’m currently organizing the festivities as laid out by my challenges. It’s quite exciting.

Last week, I accompanied my son to an impressive sports event involving several local schools. The finale being two dances performed by 1800 pupils in unison.

After I’d wiped my eyes (blubbery mother that I am) I dragged walked with my five-year old to find my son in the swarm and then we found ourselves right in front of the stage, watching the most amazing balloon entertainer.

I mean, this guy totally rocked.

My son stood in the long queue and waited patiently to receive the autograph of the performer.

I stood with him for a while, then wandered over to the grass and sat in the sunshine. All the other kids picked up their autographed postcards, said their ‘hellos’ and were gone. But my son had a little chat with the young man.

I quizzed him, but he was non-committal.

The next day my son informed me he was expecting a call and that I was under no circumstances allowed to answer the telephone.

The call finally came and he returned to the room, disappointed.

He’d tried to book this amazing entertainer to come to my birthday party as my birthday present.

Naturally, the entertainer (who’s been on TV several times) was completely booked up.

Now, how sweet is that?

I am relieved though. He would have had no money left = no train set that he’s been saving for forever and a day, and we’d probably have had to empty our piggy banks as well.

P.S. If you’re looking to send me a birthday present, tissues would be nice, the ones here seem to be rather soggy!

P.P.S. For my entertainment and yours, a clip of the super-duper entertainer in question (it’s in German but please persevere, it’s worth it!):


33 thoughts on “Aden’s surprise”

  1. The tissues here are a bit soggy too. How wonderful! What a beautiful thought, and he just went ahead and asked. Great stuff Aden!!

    1. At first I thought you were asking about Aden… Then I realized that you have just watched the video… Duh!

      You know what I think? (And I have been wondering, of course), I think he has a fair bit of air in the balloon as he blows it up, then he sticks his head out, of course, but at the end, does he have to hold his breath?

      Re planning: I even have a ring binder. How efficient is that? 😉

  2. That is so lovely: to book a balloon entertainer for your birthday! What a wonderful son you have there! Life begins at 40, they say, and my first five post-forty years have certainly borne it out. The party’s inly just warming up 🙂

    1. I loved the balloon guy. He did a whole build up (modelling, jokes, etc) and then that at the end. The audience were in stitches. (Truly, it wasn’t just me!!)

      I know what you mean. And for me it of course has the added note of how far he’s come… So yes I’m very proud!!

  3. what a lovely story! and what a great son you have!
    If I can’t wish you a ‘happy birthday’ yet (!) then ‘happy party’ instead!!! and so far – for me – the 40’s ROCK! 😉 so enjoy every minute

    1. Thank you so much. Sorry I took so long to reply. But the big day finally arrived yesterday. I still can’t believe I’m 40!! I’m looking at it as turning a corner which really is what I need write now.

      I loved your getting around the ‘happy Birthday’ thing. Clever!

      1. YAY! and now the big day has passed – [presumably now I can happily shout out ” Happy Happy Birthday!!!”] – hope you had a great day – it’s less a corner and more just a little bend in the road for me – onwards and upwards girl! xx

  4. When you said balloon performer, I thought you meant someone who makes things out of balloons. This guy is quite different and I’ve never seen anything like it. Although it’d probably be cool to have him at your birthday party, he’d steal the spotlight from you, or even worse, he’d stuff you into a pink balloon and you’d run out of air!

    1. The first part of his show he does actually model balloons but even then he’s way better than other balloon modellers. He also does a lot of gags with the audience which evoke quite a lot of hilarity. (Actually I did take my own video but I was laughing so much I had camera shake the whole way through!!)
      I really don’t want to be stuffed in a pink balloon!!!

    1. He’s amazing, isn’t he?

      It’s happened. And I can’t believe I’m actually 40 (even though there’s a great big helium balloon in the living room, telling me so). Are you planning anything special for your milestone? (I think that’s what is helping me through mine ;-))

  5. Oh I missed your birthday! I’m completely useless! HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY! (Better late than never? Everyone has been saying it’s the thought that counts, right? 😉 )

    Lots of people have already commented that Aden did a lovely thing trying to arrange it for you – So instead I’m going to focus on the superstitions…

    I loved your opening paragraph – It’s so me! I absolutely don’t see the point in throwing away a wish bone wish without using it. I also make a wish every time I loose an eyelash.

    Shoes off the table – check; Objects falling from ladders – check; Knock on wood – surreptitiously check; Four-leaf clovers – absolutely blooming check! I’m glad I’m not the only one: Our garden was filled with ‘clover’ (aka weeds 😉 ) and I searched for hours, convinced I would find a four leaf clover if I looked long enough.

    Funny you should mention magpies too – They’ve cropped up in several conversations recently. As long as they’re not single magpies (one for sorrow) we’re ok. Unfortunately we’re being stalked by several single magpies. Why can’t they just get it on and stop promising us doom and gloom?!

    1. 😀

      And yesterday was Friday the 13th!! I’m not superstitious, so of course, it doesn’t bother me… But you won’t believe what happened to me yesterday…

      All four of my children had school festivals to attend. Thrown in with that, two were sent home early, one got detention, I had to provide a salad, BBQ stuff, a watermelon, so I had to go shopping, (the day before I was also at a music festival as my son plays guitar). I bought bread from the baker, withdrew some cash and then directly handed it straight back out to various children again (for stalls, for food, for milkshakes), I cut finger nails, I trimmed hair and plaited. I removed nail polish, I chopped salad and roasted pine nuts, I sawed threw watermelon, I attempted to restrain my wild hair and damned the clips, I put on a bit of lippy for the first time in six months, I waved goodbye to two children who had to go their festivals alone because I haven’t managed to clone myself yet! Then I drove to the Kindergarten, proudly, with 5 minutes to spare. I arrived at the door where they had hung a huge poster saying ‘No salads, only cake or sweets’. I paled against my lipstick. The door was locked. I ran with the kids to the other door it was locked. I looked at my daughter, slightly frazzled and asked her where the show was, she shrugged her little shoulders. Then I saw the doors open at the nearby church hall. I could see a lot of people, so we raced over. The children were at the front and all the parents/grandparents/cousins/aunts watched them. They were all already dressed in their self-made costumes and they were all singing. I was confused. I asked another parent who told me, it had started 25 minutes before. (It finished 5 minutes later). My daughter couldn’t even go forward as she hadn’t collected her costume…
      Just another normal day then…

      1. 🙂

        Did you hear about the inflatable boy who took tin tacks into his inflatable school? Later he had an interview with the inflatable head master.
        “I’m disappointed in you,” he said, ” you let me down, you let the school down and worst of all you let your self down.”

      2. Oh no! What a Friday the 13th! Although with your luck all that could happen on any day 😉 Kids do expect adults to be mind-readers. It can’t possibly have anything to do with them not passing on messages and details…

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