Cast your vote!

Sweden, my favourite, flew through the finish line and won last night’s Eurovision Song Contest.

I loved her song, her dancing, her look and her braveness to stay honest and speak up for human rights issues.

The contest, despite being another political hotbed, entertained us with magnificent illuminations and as always, interesting dance routines.

We sat down, as a family, with our score sheets and pens, some of us on pillows on the floor (there are too many of us, we can’t all fit on the sofa, it was OK when their bums were smaller, but they keep on eating, and thus growing). We agreed to: 3 if we loved them, 2 if they were quite good, 1 if the performance reached a mere OK and 0 if it was bloody awful.

It seemed like quite an easy-to-grasp score system to me.

But this house is full of rebels and when I quizzed around about how many points they’d allocated after each performance, minus numbers and decimal places started to creep in. Then during Macedonia’s entry the five-year old abandoned scoring altogether and attempted to write ‘evil’ in the total score section.

These were the high/lowlights for us:

  • The female presenters took the opportunity to show us the entire contents of their wardrobes. While the man advertised his ability to take on as his next job a toothpaste commercial: he grinned constantly from ear to ear.
  • What on earth are we British thinking? The Hump? Someone on the selection committee needs to be fired. Scrap that. The whole committee needs to go! There are so many brilliant artists in the UK. Shame on you!!
  • Albania entertained us with a shrieker who had one of her dreadlocks glued to her chest like some kind of serpent. She was my husbands favourite?!?
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina had the five-year old in a tizzy, I quote, “To me, her dress is stunning!”
  • The Russian grannies were brilliant.
  • Italy provided a pretty good singer but her downfall may have been that she dressed up as Amy Winehouse.
  • We were highly entertained by Greece’s chorus, “You make me dance, dance like a maniac. You make me want your aphrodisiac.” (We don’t get out much).
  • The Turkish group impressed us with their ability to make boats from capes.
  • Spain said they couldn’t afford to win then taunted us with a stunning voice of Pastora Soler. They should really have taken tips from Ireland. I so hope that is the very last we see of catastrophe known as Jedward.
  • I suspect that Ukraine’s ecstatic dancers had a wild time with Denmark’s euphoric drummer at the after show party.

Were you one of the 125 million viewers? Did you enjoy the show? Which county were in receipt of your “douze points”? What were your high/lowlights?

32 thoughts on “Cast your vote!”

  1. I think what most people forget is that the contest is actually meant to be about the song, not the performers. The performers are meant to just be the vehicle by which we get to hear the song that is to be judged. Obviously though, it is impossible to separate the song from the singer, and it ends up being more about the performers than the songs. To be judged completely fairly, there should be just one performer who sings every song…although, even that wouldn’t work because one person’s voice would fit more naturally with some songs that others, and plus that wouldn’t rule out the biased voting. Oh I don’t know then! But yes, I enjoyed it for its spectacle as always. I did wonder why so many of the performers (and presenters) were wearing white. I actually liked Germany’s entry.

    1. There’s so much biased voting it almost becomes unbelievable!!

      I liked the white dresses the two presenters started the show in, but if they’re anything like me they’d have spilt something down it within two minutes!!

      I liked the song, but I felt it was all a little bit monotone. Does that mean I’m judging wrongly? 😉

  2. Best dress – France (terrible song though)
    The Hump had a rubbish, boring song, but Norway was my favourite, and they came last! I am a big Jedward fan though – despite the fact they can’t sing, their songs are always infectious.

    Sweden were worthy winners!

    1. French dress was lovely and the dancers were pretty cool too.

      The Hump’s song was really boring wasn’t it? As was the following song, from Hungary, I think. During those first couple of performances we started to suspect we were in for a long night!

      To be honest, I don’t remember the Jedward song at all, just their crazy costumes, poor dancing and then them soaking themselves in the waterfall and not looking best pleased about it. OK, the last bit was quite funny…

      I agree, Sweden were worthy winners!!

  3. I really liked the cape/boat thingy that Turkey had going as well! I thought that I was the only one liked that. That is a skill that not everyone can pull off. 😛 Otherwise I really didn’t like any of the songs. I’m not a Eurovision kinda girl, but I liked Euphoria and I think that Loreen did a good job. I felt a little extra proud to be Swedish.

      1. Haha good, becasue if you think that Azerbaijan has eccentric folk music, I don’t even want to begin to describe Sweden’s. ^^

      2. Lol!! I watched a program ‘The Secret History of Eurovision’ which included some of Finland’s forgotten entries. Let’s just say, no wonder they were forgotten!!

  4. I love the Eurovision because it is so wonderfully trashy – but alas, here in Bangladesh we can’t get it. But it is no surprise to me that the Hump was rubbish. I could have predicted we’d get nowhere with him. Britain has totally lost it these days…

  5. I was late to the party – I got caught up at a delicious BBQ and forgot it was on. (In Manchester we have to take advantage of the nice weather when we can.)

    I caught the re-cap and the points at the end. I can’t really comment on the songs because I didn’t listen to them all the way through, but I wanted Russia to win. The grannies were great.

    The UK was never going to do well. I still don’t know what our song was and in honesty I’ve no idea who our guy singing it was either. At least we weren’t last (sorry Norway).

    For the UK to stand a chance we should have used Adele. 😉

    1. Glad you got to have a BBQ!! I thought the Russian grannies were great too. Though, as my husband said, I wouldn’t cherish listening to them on the radio!

      Adele!! We would have slashed the oppoesition. I think you should join the committee…

  6. I haven’t watched it for years and years but thanks for the run down, made me smile! Your evening sounds like an x-factor night in our house. I have a terrible confession to make, I blame it on Chris Evans who KEPT playing it… I really liked the Hump’s song. There, now I’ve said it. I feel strangely relieved…great post!

    1. I think I haven’t quite reached those celebrity heights yet… 😉 I miss Terrry Wogan too. The grannies had a lot of fun, I suspect!!

  7. I enjoyed it, Sarah. My favourites were Germany and Iceland, and then Ukraine and Malta with the funny feet dancing… I have a varied taste when it comes to music. I didn’t see any that were so awful they stood out, I have to add.

    1. I think a few disappeared into the background because they were pretty boring!!
      I loved the Ukrainian dancers – brilliant!!

      Thanks for dropping in again. Seemingly I’m taking a break too!

    1. I’m sorry, Renee, for taking so long to respond.

      Thank you so much for the award. I will pop over. I haven’t had any time for blogging the last few weeks and I suspect the next few weeks will also be pretty full, but my load will be much lighter as of August. Ok. Some of my load. Well, hopefully anyway!!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and thanks again for the award!

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