I must have wished upon a star

“Please, can you budge a bit?

I roll the words of a five-year old around in my head for a few seconds. It takes me a while to make sense of them.

Then it clicks.

“Ah. Can you budge a bit?”

I force my approaching middle age (sob) body a few more centimeters across the bed.

The wide awake one corrects me, “I also said please!”

She climbs into my side of the bed and squeezes me with all her might.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating by saying she seems to possess a lot more might than I do these days.

Perhaps that is why the generous one did what he did.

He had read my fantasy full article I keep thinking and said, “Why not?”

It took me until yesterday to take him seriously. Then I surfed the net and found a couple of local, appealing hotels.

Still unsure, I quizzed him again. So he took the phone and booked me in!!!

My mini-break starts next Saturday at 4pm and he’ll pick me up on Monday morning.

Dear lovely, thoughtful, generous husband: did you realize that means you have to be up at 6am on Monday to organize the hyperactive one for school?

Sorry. You can’t take it back now! But at least you can look forward to your little daughter snuggling up to you at some ridiculous time bright and early on Sunday morning as compensation.

Thank you, lover. From the bottom of my heart.

Just to recap:

  • I’m off on Saturday afternoon
  • To a swanky hotel
  • All on my tod
  • That reads: NO CHILDREN
  • Peace
  • Quiet
  • Tranquility
  • Someone else will be cooking breakfast, lunch and DINNER!!!
  • I might go for a massage
  • I could go for a walk
  • I will go in the sauna
  • I will officially be chillin’


Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow WOW!!!


36 thoughts on “I must have wished upon a star”

  1. Amazing, Fabulous, Brilliant, Stunning, Excellent…. and that’s just for your Hubby, not even STARTED on the weekend yet LOL
    Take a deep breath, take it all in and enjoy!

    1. Thanks. He’s a star! I was quite shocked when he said I should do it. I think it’s really generous of him. I am so going to sleep!!!!

  2. Totally kick-butt awesomeness. Just got back from my 5 days away and it was heaven on earth!!!! Enjoy every glorious minute.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You do have a wonderful, caring husband. At least he will be until you leave him alone for a whole weekend with the kids…
    I’d just sleep, read, watch TV and take long baths in your position. Nothing better to relax the brain for a whole weekend. I can’t wait to hear your experience about this.

    1. I think it will do me a LOT of good. I do not remember the last time I had proper time on my my own for more than a few hours. Let me see Joni’s about to turn 17, I guess it must be nearly 17 years then!!

      1. I guess all moms out there will agree with you that motherhood is a 24/7 job that doesn’t give you a break. So when you see one, grab it before someone changes his mind…

      2. He’s getting ill. I hope it’s just a little cold and really nothing. I hope I don’t get ill.

        I still intend grabbing it with both hands. Both feet. Each individual finger. Each toe. Even my tongue will have a go at grabbing! 😉

    1. Thank you Kate. But please note it’s two mornings! TWO WHOLE MORNINGS and afternoons and EVENINGS. How totally lucky am I?

    1. I was almost RUNNING to the hotel yesterday. It was a bad day. They drove me rather bonkers. So I might just make it through to Monday after all. 😉

  4. To have a Star at your side, to cuddle and laugh with, in stead of looking up at… you must be the Sun. But even the Sun needs a break every now and then, to build up that shiny energy. What a lovely gesture of your husband, Sarah! Imagine all the things you can do without being interrupted. Enjoying a bath with no heads popping up to ask for your attention. To dream as long as you wish. To read and read and read, while nibbling chocolates.
    This weekend will be like a warm blanket, that wraps around you and holds you. And Monday your Love is there to hold you close once more.
    Feel it deep in your bones, and let it nestle in your memories. Gooooooo for it, dear! Have a NICE weekend 😀

  5. What a wonderful thing for him to do for you! I hope he enjoys his small heat generators when they pay him a visit in the middle of the night and you enjoy your freedom. 🙂

    1. I’ve been and come back (yes, I did return ;-)) and it was bloody marvelous.

      He dropped me at the hotel and took ALL FOUR KIDS to the supermarket, on his own, for the first time ever.

      He had a melt down in the supermarket and ended up coming home with a bottle of wine.

      I called him around 6.30pm and he was already drinking.

      I think the whole trip has brought us closer together!! 😉

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