We’re not quite ready for butterfly wings yet

I’m living with a very hungry caterpillar.

I let my five-year old stay home from Kindergarten today, as this morning, her cold seemed to have swallowed her voice completely. In all honesty, a mere whisper troubled her.

Now, you might suspect, if you’re not a mother, or if you have normal children, that that would mean a quiet morning for me. But you would be wrong.

Not only has she been attempting to chat me to insanity, she’s also had me running backwards and forwards to the kitchen.

At 8:15 she ate (not just through but) a whole slice of bread with Nutella. But she was still hungry.

At 9:32 she sucked on a spoon of propolis honey which had been freshly bought, at the beekeepers, by her adoring and concerned mother at 9:16. Her eyes lit up like Pooh bears do when he walks past a hive…

After some squeaky persuasion, at 9:47 she munched her way through a bowl of honey pops, drenched in milk. But she complained, that she was still hungry.

At 9:59 her mother caved in and fed her a large,  juicy strawberry.

Followed by a small tomato at 10:01.

Then at 10:15 she gulped down a glass of fresh orange juice.

Tormented by the jar of honey, she twisted her mother’s arm encouraged her mother to spread her another slice of bread with the throat-healing cure. She chomped through that at 10:28.

Between 10:47 and 11:08 she munched happily on not one but five physalises.

At 11:12 she swigged back a glass of water.

At 11:15 she demolished a Guinness Record Breakingly large banana.

At 11:29 she gnawed her way through some cheese. But I suspect, that she was still hungry because at 11:45 she was already querying, “What’s for lunch?”

I think my hungry caterpillar is broken.

She isn’t getting any fatter.

Nor is she complaining of a sore tummy or feeling sick.

And quite frankly, there’s no evidence of cocoon building.

Unless, that is, you count her putting up the pop-up tunnel in the lounge yesterday…


34 thoughts on “We’re not quite ready for butterfly wings yet”

  1. Wow, and I thought my four-year old ate like a pig! I won’t complain anymore when he asks for more food (especially because he does tell me when he’s full). I’m guessing your daughter is going through a growth spurt. My eldest does that too and then I have to get him all bigger clothes!

    1. I have no idea how my daughter will survive this morning. She only took 4 strawberries, half a punnet of grapes, a tomato and a third of a cucumber for snack to Kindergarten. 😉

      I’ll be shoveling carbohydrates in her the minute she walks in the door!

      I think she is growing, her cheeks look a little rounder than usual and that normally happens right before she grows.

      But to be honest all of my kids eat a lot. I sometimes think it’s the large family syndrome!!

      1. You know what? I ate A LOT as a kid too, and I was never fat. I still eat a lot (according to other people) and at a very healthy weight. I think it’s a question of metabolism and genes. I’m lucky to have my father’s genes and be on the lean side, and my kids are just like me.

        So many people here tell you to feed your kids a low-fat diet, but in exchange they tend to swallow a lot of sugar-loaded foods. Hey, the kids are hungry, so they need to find the calories somewhere! I make sure my kids get fat in their diet (no non-fat foods, except for fruit and veggies) and they feel full faster. I didn’t grow up on a fat-free diet (remember, I’m French) and I did fine. I think it’s all in the balance and making sure your kids hear they’re “I’m full” alarm.

      2. Your metabolism is luck really isn’t it? My mum was super thin until she was in her late 40’s. I have definitely more of a wobbly tummy than she had at my age. But I have had 4 c-sections. 😉

        I’m really into a full fat diet too. We’re lucky enough to have great full fat milk delivered fresh from a local farm. My kids are also big cheese fans (especially French cheeses).

        Luckily they all eat a lot of fruit too.

  2. Ha! Perfecting Motherhood …Great Minds think alike!
    I was reading and went straight to the comment box to put in “growth spurt”and found you’d beaten me to it LOL.
    Our kids live “on the smell of an oily rag” as the saying goes, so when they suddenly exhibit ravenous tendencies I live in hope that it’s the start of some serious eating habits… to date it’s always been just a short growth spurt stage and they have always returned to their normal minuscule portions afterwards. At least what they DO eat is healthy… they are rarely sick and have more energy than kids who come to dinner and eat twice or three times as much as they do, so just go with the flow… maybe she’d filling up to get energy to fight of those germs 🙂

    1. I wondered that too. I think I read somewhere “Feed the cold, starve the flu”. Her weapon of choice yesterday seemed to be honey!!

      She wasn’t any better in the afternoon. But at least everything she munched her way through then was healthy (she devoured a 500g no added sugar orange yoghurt in about 10 seconds flat).

      I do think she’s on a growth spurt too. Though it’s not long since she had one. I doubt the clothes I bought her for next winter in last years sale are actually going to fit her at this rate!!

      All of my children eat a lot. I think sometimes it comes from being part of a large family. I don’t serve plates of already dished out food because I don’t like throwing food away. Instead we always have various bowls and pots on the table. I keep trying to convince myself that, at some point they’ll be some leftovers and I can use them for the next meal. It rarely happens. Even if I double up on portions they generally polish it all off.

      As a child I always ate a lot too. I think I had a high metabolism (note the HAD in there). I used to drive my mum mad as I was always hungry. I was so thin, people actually accused me of having an eating disorder! But I ate and was hungry constantly.

      Any kids that come to dinner here are generally shocked by how much mine put away. 😉

      In a way I like them eating well, but it means I have to cook and provide food a lot to the point it makes an impact on my time. At least I’m lucky though, in that I like cooking. And one of the things I like most about my kids is they ALWAYS thank whoever made the meal. Like me (and you) they are foodies and so they’ll talk about what they’re eating quite often and tell you how much they’re enjoying it.

    1. She’s back at nursery today. She’s got a bit of a cough starting. I was a little nervous sending her in today as she’s doing her first official ballet performance on Sunday (it’s international dance day) and it’s open air.

      I got at least 5 minutes daydreaming time (of our hotel) this morning… 🙂

    1. I wondered on the boredom point too but she was quite busy (in between stuffing her face). I’d bought her a couple of creative sets at the supermarket. She sat with them (then broke them and got glue everywhere) (if you come over in July, don’t worry if things are a little sticky). We read (she’s trying to teach herself to read) so that kept her busy for a while. Then she filled the room with cuddly toys and dolls and entertained them.
      We also did some stuff together in the kitchen…

      I’m glad she’s back at Kindergarten today. I’m knackered!! 🙂

  3. Maybe she’ll have a growth spurt next week…
    Its so weird when they have a day where you just can’t fill them up … my 11 month old had a week recently where she ate everything in sight and my three year old started eating his lunch standing on the couch because she kept trying to take it.
    At least you know there is nothing wrong with your daughter’s tummy!

    1. I have a fantastic image in my head now of your three year old standing on the couch protecting his lunch. Bless!!

      She’s back at Kindergarten this morning, I bet she’s spent half the morning doing an enormous pooh!! 😉

  4. I bet she is getting ready for a massive growth spurt. My youngest would literally grow overnight. Many times he would come home from school and say that a friend had looked at him and said, “Did you grow last night?”. Fun post!

  5. I’m waiting for Scout to stop growing. Nearly 16 and 6’2″. Several boxes of Shreddies (well Supermarket equivilent) a week, with lots of milk.
    And that’s between meals. Sometimes only an hour after a real meal 🙂

    1. My daughter (another one) had size 9 feet by age 11. Since then her feet stopped growing. However the woman in the shoe shop assured me a few weeks ago that her feet are still likely to grow as she’s only 13. I almost cried. It’s hard enough to get her shoes now!!

      I think she’ll be tall too.

      Perhaps we’re starting the land of giants? 😉

      1. I am UK 9, and did most of that growing if I remember correctly, before 12. 🙂

        I expect larger shoe sizes are not so hard to buy in Germany? I have to order from special catalogues most of the time to get shoes that fit.

      2. Lori’s a UK 9 too. I hope like you she’s at the end of her foot growth!!

        In the larger stores you can get size 9 shoes for ladies. There is some choice but a lot less than with other sizes. But after that there’s nothing at all for ladies. WE would have to travel to one of the huge cities like Munich or buy from a catalogue. I guess your shoes cost a lot more then?

    1. She’s not at school yet Kate. She won’t start for another year and a half (even though she’s five) because kids here start later. We could have pushed and got her in in September but we decided not to. Once kids here are in school they’re pushed pretty hard. For example they write their first dictation in class 2!!

      1. Thank you!! She’s on the mend, I think. Looking forward to first ballet performance on Sunday (though not as much as her mum is looking forward to watching her!)

  6. Sometimes it’s a quandary with sick children. Certainly it makes them feel better to be home but as the day goes on and your sanity diminishes…at least for myself, I quite wondered what it was all for?!? I’m glad to hear she is healing….alot from your constant attention if anything. I commend you.

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