I keep thinking…

I keep thinking that I should check myself into a hotel for the weekend. That way I would finally be able to read that book I wanted to, without interruption. I would try really hard not to fall asleep on the big comfy bed…

I keep thinking if I checked into a hotel, I could, at last, put together my stories in the form of a book, because I would have peace, perfect peace, to sprinkle my bits of paper all over the mattress and tap away on my netbook.
I wouldn’t have to dash off to the nursery and pick up a little person. Or break up a fight. Or taxi anyone to the doctors/party/shops/rehearsals. I wouldn’t have to make lunch. In fact, I could laze around work hard on my paper strewn bed, and intermittently dial ‘0’ for reception and request the delivery of lunch. Or a hot chocolate. Or a piece of cake. Or a glass of prosecco…

I keep thinking how nice it would be to have a whole weekend, in a hotel, to get some solid work done. I could spend hours writing without interruption. I wouldn’t need to join in a game or load the dishwasher or answer the telephone or take in a parcel for the neighbour or run to the chemist or debate the weather with the clouds and try not to get caught out at the last minute, by a downpour soaking my almost bone dry washing.

I keep wondering: what kind of hotel?

One with a pool, perhaps. So I could swim each morning and feel refreshed.

Naturally, I could also swim in the afternoon. And in the evening too. Just to make the most of it…

One with snuggly bath robes, perhaps. So I wouldn’t have to waste time dressing. I could just work in comfort on the bed. And have a little snooze every time I felt the need…

One with a great chef, would be a plus. So I could feed my tired body and exhausted mind.

Maybe it could have a sauna to sweat away my worries, oh and a masseuse to relieve my aches and pains…

I am starting to think, it would be beneficial to stay there for a long weekend…

After all, then I’d get a lot more work done.

And more use of the pool.

And perhaps, I could catch up on some sleep.

And do that book review I promised.

And catch up on a few blogs.

And swim.

And order hot chocolate.

With whipped cream.

And a flake.

And banana slices.

And marshmallows.

The chef would be so highly talented, he would be able to balance all of the toppings on the surface, without any of them running down the side.

The porter would be so highly balanced, he would deliver the entire artwork to my room, without spilling a single drop.

All, while I cuddled my pillow, in my extraordinarily comfy bathrobe…

I’d take my hot chocolate – into my jacuzzi – in my en suite bathroom.

A perfumed smell would permeate the room…

After a long soak, and three more hot chocolates, I could consider going to the in-hotel beauty consultant and having my hair done.

That would, of course, include a head massage.

And a complimentary facial.

Then, looking my best, I’d head down to dinner.

Be poured wine by a good-looking, friendly waiter.

I’d eat, drink and be giggly.

Then I’d wander to my massive water-bed all alone. Put on the provided over-sized plasma and settle down and watch a romantic comedy.

I keep wondering, would it be too presumptuous to book my hotel for a week?

28 thoughts on “I keep thinking…”

  1. think of all those jobs piling up at home…. if you only went for a weekend. However, if they knew you’d be away a week, they’d do them all for you and you could come home to a spic and span house and a family who really appreciate all you fo for them 🙂

    1. Haha, take Pseu’s advice, she’s got it all figured out! Funny I commented on your post about taking some time out for yourself before reading this post. Really, you need a well-deserved break, even just to veg out. It’s very refreshing for your mind and soul.

      1. I think I am needing a bit of a break, my brain seems to be attempting to go at triple speed at the moment. The consequences aren’t pretty!!

        Pseu is definitely doing a very good job convincing me!

  2. First I was going to ask to come too – if I promised not to talk, only to write and crack the whip app I have on my phone. But see when you mention HBO that is my downfall. I don’t have cable at home and I would get sucked in. Do they have TV free rooms?

  3. Earlier this week I went away for a two day conference for work and it involved staying overnight in a very nice spa hotel. After dinner my colleagues wanted to stay up drinking and socialising for hours but all I could think about was wanting to go up to my room, run myself a deep bath with loads of bubbles and lie in it for ages reading. As mothers we never get to do that do we. I socialised for a little bit and then expressed how tired I was about 10pm and went up for my lovely bath and book, and then yes, I put on the big white bath robe provided by the hotel, and just lay on the bed watching some trash on TV. No interruptions. Nobody wanting anything from me. It was bliss!

    1. Oh my goodness!!! You should have called me.

      Actually, watch this space. My husband said I should do it. Now what about adding that to my challenge list?

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