Beware of the bath

Last night, after a hard day of tapping the keys fantastic and dropping a child at a birthday party and stuffing my face with pizza, I decided to plough on with my film challenge and snuggled into my husbands shoulder and settled down to watch a movie.

Except, it seems, he’s just too darn snuggly, and after only 25 minutes, he noticed I’d already nodded off.

That’s funny in itself, he exasperated, I started snoring precisely 25 minutes in last time we tried to watch exactly the same movie.

He gave up on me and decided he’d watch a film he knows I wouldn’t like. I didn’t feel like going to bed. The children had only just gone quiet so I lay my head against his shoulder and tried to block out the sci-fi sounds blasting out of the TV.

It didn’t work. I suddenly felt half awake. And cold. So I decided I’d have a bath with some relaxing bath salts. Mmmm

I climbed into the tub before it had even finished running. So alluring was the water.

I felt the heat and I lay and I thought. And it soothed.

No wonder I was so tired! The five-year old had woken me at 7am (after I’d been writing until 2am) to remind me: today was the day of the birthday party.

One of the things you can guarantee in life, is that young children will always wake you up early at weekends and in the holidays, even though you have to raise them from the dead on a school or nursery morning.

And if you’re an optimist like me, you’ll convince yourself every Friday and Saturday night, that it’s the weekend, and that that means a long lie.

Tired, I arose from my bath, swathed myself in a soft towel and opened the window slightly to aid the room to return to its former bathroom look. Rather than remain as the steam room it had become.

I thought I’d just sit on the bed for a minute, but I felt dozy, so I tossed the quilt over me even though I was still in my towel…

“Mum, Mum! You left the bathroom light on and the window open!” A teenager awoke me.

You’re waking me up from my lovely and much-needed sleep to tell me that, I thought, but I couldn’t say as sleepiness engulfed me…

“Sarah, Sarah, wake up! You left the light on in the bathroom and the window open. Are you alright?” My teenager, worried, had disturbed her father from his film.

You, too, are waking me up from this lovely and much-needed sleep to tell me that, I thought, but I couldn’t say as sleepiness engulfed me…

I awoke this morning with a cheery five-year old in my face wishing me a “Good morning!” And I thought: what was all that about? OK, I left the window ajar, but the heating isn’t on and the mosquitoes aren’t here yet. And, actually, the normal bulb in the bathroom has blown, so I probably just switched the wrong switch off. The bulb over the mirror, is one I rarely use, being a person who generally avoids mirrors…

I trudged off to the bathroom for my morning pee, opened the door and saw…

… Trousers and socks and underwear and shoes thrown around the bathroom like a mini tornado had briefly entered the room and had a field day with cloth stuff.

What the hell happened here? I wondered.

I have an image of myself in my head now.

Undressing and swirling individual clothing garments around my head and then flinging them off into the yonder.

It’s not a pretty image.

It’s not a true image.

But I have no other idea as to how my clothes and shoes scattered themselves so freely.

On the bright side, at least I’m not the only one wondering: what’s going on? 😉


24 thoughts on “Beware of the bath”

  1. Looks like someone needs some sleep… My kids slept in until 8:15am yesterday, I couldn’t believe it. They usually get up by 7am without the alarm clock.

    By the way, I can’t believe nobody cleaned up after you in the bathroom. Wouldn’t it be nice, rather than comment about it?

    1. I’m starting to think sleep is evading me.

      During the night a smallish person woke up yelling “HELP!!!” Apparently we were in a hut and dragons were flying at us.

      Then a slightly larger person set their alarm for the wrong time (as in far too early) and my husband got in and out of bed waking people up then he realized his mistake and told me all about it…

      I know what you mean. I can tell you they managed to switch the light off and close the window but everything else was just left for me!!

    2. I’ve just been corrected on my previous reply. Apparently, the one child purposefully set her alarm that early to have peace and quiet to draw!! She tells me she did start drawing but fell asleep on the picture and work up this morning to find snot on it!!! She ended up having to throw it away!!

      1. It must be noticeable if even the kids set their alarm for ‘quiet me time’!!

        I’m just thinking again about your previous comment and how much I just assume, pretty much, that it’s down to me.

        For instance, every time we have guests to stay over I stay up until the last person has gone to bed, make sure they have fresh water etc and that they are comfy in their rooms, then I do my best to make sure I’m up for anyone, or get up when I hear them so I can prepare a cooked breakfast. It’s always worked until this New Year. We had just one guest over, who I’m really, really comfy with. I fell asleep on the sofa AND slept the longest in bed in the morning. I got up to the smell of breakfast cooking. I was MORTIFIED and threw my clothes on and ran down the stairs apologising profusely. My husband and his colleague were a little startled. They said “No problem, you always do it, rest, relax, we’ll look after you.” I thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast. 🙂

        The realisation for me is that I have high expectations of myself. And you know what? It didn’t even occur to me that they could just have picked up my clothes!!!

      2. Oh, I think you need to ask your hubby to help you get more me-time, even if you just use it to catch up on a few hours of sleep. I had last Sunday for myself (no kids!) and this hasn’t happened in years! I had things to do and it wasn’t the most relaxing day but it was nice to be able to get around without dragging the little ones. Less noise in my head!

      3. You are right!! Maybe it should be one of my challenges. Actually, I’m preparing a super cool gift for my friend. I’m hiring a kind of mini spa (a little pool, a single sauna and a little steam room) for 3 hours. Included in the price we get breakfast. My present to her last year was that I was supposed to take her 3 kids one weekend so she could have time with her husband and the whole year it never worked out (her family issues/my family issues) so I decided to replace it with this as a kind of double year present.
        We will be the only people their and we’ve made it clear to our husbands that there will be no mobile phones on and we will not be available for those 3 hours. It’s a good start, yes?

      4. I’m so glad I get almost three hours every morning to myself to work and get other things done five days a week while my little one is in preschool. Good luck with your spa session, it sounds like a great way to get a break, but I’d definitely try to get more.

      5. I do have time in the mornings too, but it’s just not enough because there’s so much to do. Will somebody please invent a time stretcher???

        Can I ask you, was it the same in France as it is in Germany, was school constantly canceled? I NEVER have all children at school for a full week. Teachers are ill/marking/on trips and the kids are sent home. It really bites into my time (along with appointments argh!!)

        I’m really looking forward to the spa – you motivated me, I left my friend a message about it this morning.

      6. I don’t remember missing school because teachers were out. We had substitutes and school five days a week. Well, we had Wednesday off in elementary school, but school on Saturday morning. I think all schools do Monday through Friday now.

        This would never happen here because schools lose funding if the kid doesn’t show up, so they always get a sub. I think you should ask why there are no subs available…

      7. We have asked and it’s the system. There’s no way around it unless the government invests a lot more money into schools. At the last parent evening the parents requested the presence of the headmaster because teachers are off so much. But his hands are tied.

        We had substitutes in the UK too so I don’t know this system at all. But my eldest daughter has only had one complete day this week. Shocking!!

      8. I can’t believe this school system! Don’t they have so many days of instruction a year they need to have? In the US,you can cancel some many school days (e.g. because of snow) until you have to make up for them at the end of the year. Teachers can’t be the ones deciding how many school days they’re going to teach! This smells fishy, really fishy.

      9. I think it’s more the content they have to teach. If a teacher is off a lot the kids have to catch it up somehow (like homework). If a teacher is off long term (I think more than two weeks) they get a substitute paid by the government.

        My friends children (in other schools here) have the same issues. Joni’s off the whole day on Monday because her teachers are marking. There have been three marking days for finals the last month. Both Joni and Lori’s classes have been affected, but luckily they only had 1 day off each. My friends child had 2 days off. But one of the classes had all three. Then a few classes didn’t have any. It’s really odd!!

    1. Brilliant isn’t it? You couldn’t make it up!

      He took the kids to his brothers once. That was the day I actually read a book… 😉

  2. Hmmm…. Intriguing…now I’m wondering what happened! And I couldn’t watch ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Every Christmas I’d sit down to watch it, determined to stay awake. But, as they followed the Yellow Brick Road, I crashed out completely, only to wake as Dorothy clicked the heels of her red shoes together! Every single time! 🙂

    1. Perhaps you were hypnotized by the clicking of the shoes (rather than the clicking of the fingers)?

      Also, in your defense, Christmas is a bad time to watch a movie, all that food in your tummy makes you sleepy. 😉

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