Be Right Back


I haven’t forgotten you.

I promise.

I haven’t fallen off the Earth.

Or drowned in a puddle.

Seriously. Once I did almost drown in a puddle. A long time ago. I kept wading. And thinking how deep can this puddle actually go? You have to picture a twenty year old me. In a long hippy skirt. Bum deep in puddle. Swinging my shopping bags somewhere near my ears. Soggy hair stuck to my head. Telling myself: I still have my dignity. No one is around. No one has seen me.

Seriously folks. I thought because no one else was crazy enough to be in the flooded street, at that exact moment, that meant no one had seen me.

I put two and two together and made five.

The following week a handsome young man, who had been shyly admiring me for some time, approached me and said he had seen me the previous week. With my shopping bags. Looking like a drowned rat-ess. Battling a puddle.

His adoring look had changed, unsubtly, to a why? You mad freak!

I tried to woo him back with tales of how I would have swum had it not been for my full shopping bags… That they would have sailed away… But he scarpered.



Where was I?

Oh yes. Right. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much the last couple of weeks. I have been spending time with family and friends. And doctors. Of course. I managed not to embarrass myself at the internist. For the first time. I did feel the need to tell the nurse that she was very efficient. Several times. After they spiked me with the truth drug. But I didn’t do anything like this.

I am beating the door of forty and finally I have a reason to be proud of myself.




16 thoughts on “Be Right Back”

  1. That young man missed his chance, I’d say. Not enough sense of humour to match you, so it wouldn’t have worked out anyway.

  2. Uggg, had my endoscopy in March too. Dr’s are no fun. But I sure love making the nurses laugh. I think I have a vague memory of something embarassing I said while under the truth serum. Oh well, hopefully they’ll forget.

      1. Yes. She also did some stretching on my esophagus which seems to be helping.

  3. Well done, Sarsm. I’m at 44 and I embarrass myself all the time, so I think you’re on a pretty good trajectory. It is good that you, too, complement nurses. I get inordinately grateful to them that they seem in charge when I feel so utterly at sea.

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