Be Right Back


I haven’t forgotten you.

I promise.

I haven’t fallen off the Earth.

Or drowned in a puddle.

Seriously. Once I did almost drown in a puddle. A long time ago. I kept wading. And thinking how deep can this puddle actually go? You have to picture a twenty year old me. In a long hippy skirt. Bum deep in puddle. Swinging my shopping bags somewhere near my ears. Soggy hair stuck to my head. Telling myself: I still have my dignity. No one is around. No one has seen me.

Seriously folks. I thought because no one else was crazy enough to be in the flooded street, at that exact moment, that meant no one had seen me.

I put two and two together and made five.

The following week a handsome young man, who had been shyly admiring me for some time, approached me and said he had seen me the previous week. With my shopping bags. Looking like a drowned rat-ess. Battling a puddle.

His adoring look had changed, unsubtly, to a why? You mad freak!

I tried to woo him back with tales of how I would have swum had it not been for my full shopping bags… That they would have sailed away… But he scarpered.



Where was I?

Oh yes. Right. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much the last couple of weeks. I have been spending time with family and friends. And doctors. Of course. I managed not to embarrass myself at the internist. For the first time. I did feel the need to tell the nurse that she was very efficient. Several times. After they spiked me with the truth drug. But I didn’t do anything like this.

I am beating the door of forty and finally I have a reason to be proud of myself.



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16 thoughts on “Be Right Back”

  1. Uggg, had my endoscopy in March too. Dr’s are no fun. But I sure love making the nurses laugh. I think I have a vague memory of something embarassing I said while under the truth serum. Oh well, hopefully they’ll forget.

  2. Well done, Sarsm. I’m at 44 and I embarrass myself all the time, so I think you’re on a pretty good trajectory. It is good that you, too, complement nurses. I get inordinately grateful to them that they seem in charge when I feel so utterly at sea.

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