The honesty and delusion of babes

Yesterday, I had an endoscopy. My appointment arrives annually. Much like my birthday. Unlike my birthday, I don’t spend my time stuffing myself with cake and slurping down glasses of wine. But on the up side, I do get to have a sleep during the day…

I’ve returned from my medical journey full of hot air. Meaning big bear hugs with mummy aren’t quite on the cards yet. That’s insufferable for my five-year old daughter, Akasha. Only yesterday, pre-procedure, she almost squeezed me to death whilst sitting on my lap as her elder sister, Lori, carefully pleated my hair.

Last week her ferocious cuddling almost toppled me off the toilet.

And last year, her enthusiasm did actually see my bottom splat onto the floor, with full force, as she unseated me, publicly, from a chair in a local furniture store.

So this morning, as she climbed into my bed in an effort to wake me up, with all those knees and elbows and those extraordinarily strong arms, I felt a little apprehensive.

I warned her, “Mummy has a tender tummy!” And then I repositioned us as spooners.

Then I melted all over my pillow, like butter would run across the desert sand, as she said:

“But Mama, now I can’t see your beautiful face!”

I turned to respond to ‘her sweetness’, eyes-a-glistening. Ready to embrace.

To be reproached with, “Ooh!! Stinky!!”

That’ll be the morning breath.


21 thoughts on “The honesty and delusion of babes”

  1. What a funny story. Your post starts my day grinning. How wonderful to be so dearly and enthusiastically loved. Her honesty makes it real.

  2. I was getting ready to go out. Erik came in my room and said, “Oh, Beautiful!” I hugged him. Then he put his hand on my stomach and said, “Fat tummy.” 🙂

  3. Awww, their honesty is beautiful and painful at some moments isn’t it ?
    (Best of all they love you in spite of your worst bits…)
    But their spontaneity when it comes to hugs, smoochy kisses and mish-mashed (mostly scribbled) gifts is unrivalled …and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    1. That’s exactly why I had to share this one. It was such a ‘I need to keep a hold of this’ moment.
      At the moment her gifts are mostly princesses and mermaids that she draws and colours in. Then she cuts them out and sticks them up everywhere/presents them.
      But the other day, as I was going to bed, I found a large, squint, red love heart on my pillow which read ‘MAMA FRUM AKASHA’. I was particularly impressed as she hasn’t started learning to read or write yet. Bless!!

      Aren’t we lucky?

    1. It’s not so bad. They gave me both and I got to sleep through it all so it really wasn’t too bad. My main concern is always how I behave when I wake up from the anesthetic, because I’m sure my doctor adds a little bit of ‘truth drug’ to mine. When I awake I am filled with the urge to divulge all. Totally embarrassing…
      This time though, I just told the nurse she was very efficient. Several times. But she seemed quite pleased so it was OK. Phew!!

      Good luck on April 23rd. I hope all goes well and the results are good.

  4. Hope you feel less sore soon: children have such a great turn of phrase, don’t they? My personal favourite: “I love you Mummy, your teeth are so beautiful and yellow….”

    1. That’s brilliant!! I haven’t had that one yet!!

      Though I have one yellow-er tooth at the front (I bashed it) which has caused some curiosity…

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