A bit more of the chin chining

Yesterday felt like a very special day for a multitude of reasons.

One of them wasn’t because the first fly of the year got past the fly net and spent the whole evening trying to divert my attention from my every activity.

One of them was because the bush that I had planted together with a very good friend last year, defied my black thumbs, and started to show evidence of sprouting leaves.

One of them wasn’t because that itchy dry patch has come back on my face again. I had good skin as a teenager. Why do I suddenly have bad skin, middle-aged?

I definitely was not celebrating being middle-aged.

One of them was absolutely because my lovely Lori had learned and learned and learned for her French exam today and prepared and prepared and prepared for her presentation, also today. So much so, that she just couldn’t learn or prepare any more. Instead she drew with some new pencils.

One of them wasn’t because my chaotic Lori, who had learned and prepared for over a solid week, woke up at 11.30pm after a nightmare provoked her into the realization that she still had to produce and print off a handout for her class.

One of them wasn’t helping to make crossword puzzles on websites offering free crossword making facilities, only to be told, at midnight, that the said puzzle would cost a grand sum of $4.95.

One of them was checking on the chaotic one and finding her unable to sleep properly and being able to stroke her hair and tell her it’s all OK. We managed to transfer all of her data to another website, the handout page is complete and printed off, with puzzle intact, and she should sleep now deeply and restfully.

One of them was hearing her genuine and repeated thanks and apologies.

One of them was sheer amazement at being able to help with anything at all after being force-drunk half a bottle of bubbly wine by a husband full of admiration.

One of them was not the realization that it was not my hot body he was admiring, with it’s itchy face and wobbly tummy.

One of them was four people raising a glass of milk and two raising a glass of bubbly to 20,000 hits on a blog that started out as just a little speck of me and grew into something I would never have dared to contemplate.

One of them, unquestionably, is the goodliness of friends.

Thank you x


14 thoughts on “A bit more of the chin chining”

  1. Congratulations! Thanks for entertaining us.
    Just want to remind you that a dry, scaly patch that keeps coming back might be skin cancer. You have probably have already had it checked by dermatologist, and I don’t want to sound like an alarmist because it probably is just dry skin, but I know a number of people who developed skin cancer even as young as 30.

    1. I didn’t know that, so a special thank you for mentioning it. I have shown my GP who didn’t seem to be worried, but I’m seeing another doctor today so I’ll mention it to him too!!

      Thanks again.

      And thanks for coming back and reading and all of your lovely comments.

    2. I thought I’d let you know, it seems to be a side effect of a medication I’ve been taking.

      But thank you so much, for highlighting this on my blog!!

  2. Congratulations on your lovely blog’s achievement. What a testament to you, my friend. My husband had years of skin patches like that ~ his was eczema~BUT another doc did some new kind of allergy testing (not sure what it is called, but different from those old scratch tests) and it turned out, unbeknownst to him, that he is allergic to ALL dairy products, and eggs, and navy beans. When we eliminated those from his diet, after a month or a bit more, the skin cleared up and has remained so. Even his dermatologist was astonished.

    1. Thank you Kate!!

      I actually stopped dairy produce last year for about two months after being told by a therapist (who charged me 100 Eur for the privilege) that I was lactose intolerant. No difference whatsoever. I talked to my actual doctor then, and he gave me a lactose intolerant test (I had to have an empty stomach, blow into measurement thing, then drink a substance, then every half an hour blow into the machine again. I showed no intolerance at all.
      Did your husband have to drink the stuff and blow into a measurement thing too? Now they can also do a blood test for lactose intolerance, but our health insurance won’t pay for it as it’s too expensive. They can do a lot of allergy testing through blood tests now: my daughter was tested recently but all the tests came back negative, thank goodness.

      After trying it out for two months, I found living without dairy really, really different. Though I did find some alternatives (some of which we still use). And eggs must be really difficult too.

  3. I’ve been reading a lot of your posts recently but been too busy to get to write anything or even press the ‘like’ button! I just wanted to say that I love them and really appreciate the effort you put into writing these posts. They clearly come from the heart and are fun and interesting to read. here’s to the next 20,000!

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