Brotherly love

Standing in the kitchen, preparing a couscous salad with my eleven-year old  son, (for the new neighbours who are moving in today – we fathomed they wouldn’t be up to cooking) we both listen to the dulcet tones of the littlest girl in the house. She sings as she colours in a picture with as much precision as is possible with five-year old hands.

Then she announces matter-of-factly to me, “If you don’t say this picture is beautiful, I’ll cry!”

To which my chopping-tomatoes-son retorts, “She’s one of those one in a million girls. Actually, she might be one in a billion. She’s one of those special ones.”

I start to cry.

Bloody onions.


16 thoughts on “Brotherly love”

    1. Really it was one of those moments. I’m starting a new page on my blog called snippets and I’m planning to put these little moments in. It’ll nice to be able to read them again later, Kate!!

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