Being a ‘Mom’

Arriving back in the living room after ‘feeding’ the washing machine (she sure does eat a lot) I’m greeted by the ever adapting Akasha. She’s debating in an American accent with her “Mom”.

As you may imagine, I’m a little thrown, a little confused

Her tone sounds disappointed, you could even embellish: slightly bored with overtones of pissed off-ed-ness.

I am confused because I’ve been braving the coldness of the cellar, the remembrance of hovering spiders and jumping frogs, the disgustingness of bloody knickers and pockets filled snotty tissues.

Did I mention at any point, that I really am brave?

Anyway, I’m confused as to how I’ve managed to irritate my daughter when I was not only not in the same room, but not even on the same floor.

It turns out: she’s playing.

She momentarily pauses her game to tell me excitedly, she’s being a boy.

Apparently, boys are easily bored, annoyed and rude to their “Moms”.

She goes back to her ‘game’ and I take time out for a couple of minutes and observe.

Not only is she playing the fully conversational part of the boy, she’s also talking the talk of the “Mom” and rabbiting on a bit for the sister.

Mostly in American English. But every once in a while she flips into German, then back again.

And simultaneously she’s completing a 100 piece puzzle.

Talk about multitasking! In my head I’m thinking: Child, you are definitely a girl! 😉


12 thoughts on “Being a ‘Mom’”

  1. So wonderful!

    There’s a little cine film (don’t that age me?! ha) of me aged about three being a teacher to a group of gnomes…. telling them off and rearranging them, smacking their bottoms…. I have never seen boys play in this way

  2. She IS a girl! I used to play teacher with my stuffed animals and I had good and bad students…
    My boys have a giant imagination when they play, as long as it involves knights, astronauts, secret agents and ninjas. I love watching my youngest roleplay with Playmobils and dinosaurs. It usually includes some gory scenes but the dialogues are hilarious!

    1. My actual son makes everything explode, flood, go on fire, collapse, have a truck drive into it… 🙂

      Yes, and lots of gory scenes. Of course. it’s hard for him having three sisters they don’t get it at all!!

      Did you spank your students too? 😉

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