Oh My God!!! I’m a grandmother!!!

And not a very good one at that.

I hear reassuring cries of, “She likes you, Grandma!”

“She wants you, Grandma!”



I’m 39 and I can’t say the word ‘Grandma’ sits comfortably with me.

OK. It does seem as if she likes me. When I hold her, she does tend to turn her head and her loud cries do change to laughter.

At least, I think it’s laughter.

It could of course be that she recalls that time I picked her up in the supermarket. Having been abandoned by my daughter on the well-walked floor. That she remembers I hauled her through the aisles while simultaneously pushing a trolley.

It could be she notices that Grandpa is too rough with her. Uncle doesn’t care. And her mother, has, at times, had quite enough.

Until she burps, that is.

Those burps can still bring on a full blown belly laugh from her mummy.

As can Aunty shaking her.

I must admit, I am really quite intrigued by my daughter’s attitude toward her new born child.

For example, she keeps ‘re-birthing’ her.

Stuffing Baby Annabel up her, by now, well stretched pullover and then ‘pushing’ her out. (To be honest, it’s not much of a push. She does more work going for a pooh. It’s more like a drop – oh, look – she fell out. Not very realistic, if you ask me.)

Then there’s the feeding. At times, she’s ramming the plastic water filled bottle almost down the throat of the poor child. Then, the next minute she’s going for a fully clothed version of ‘breast is best’. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me that my granddaughter cries ‘real tears’. No doubt she’s starving.

And I’m sure it’ll all only get worse when the anticipated baby brother comes along. My daughter has creatively decided him to call him ‘Baby Born’.

Still, at least that’s an improvement on what she plans to call an actual child: Winnetou. I should have known letting a five-year old watch old German Cowboy and Indian movies would render her ‘extraordinary’.


25 thoughts on “Oh My God!!! I’m a grandmother!!!”

      1. 😉
        Next time a warning might spare me a heart attack!
        Kiss your five ones and hug the ‘grandchild’!

      2. All hugged and kissed.

        But if I had warned you, I wouldn’t have got such a brilliant comment from you!! 😉

  1. lol with tears in my eyes! So funny. Up until she was a teenager, my younger sister was going to have twins, a boy and girl named Salt and Pepper. I was “grandmother” to my youngest son’s “sugar baby” when he was in 8th grade. It was a school project. The baby was a bag of sugar dressed in snuggly pajamas that he had to care for for a week, day and night. 🙂

    1. The sugar baby image is so cute!!!

      Salt and Pepper? Isn’t it funny the names they come up with? Hang on, think there was a band called Salt and Pepper…

      I read my little one a Beatrix Potter classic today and one of the characters was called Twinkleberry. I could see the cogs turning…

    1. I will. I will. (Don’t tell any one but I’m secretly looking forward to it. Shhhh…)

      Great names. There’s a great Scottish boys name Struan. Could have rhymed.

    1. That would be very cool. Along with a plastic doll.Which incidentally, the 13yo almost broke today.Shudder. It doesn’t bear thniking about.

  2. My boys have no intention of making me a grandmother anytime soon! It’s hard to happen with hot wheels cars and dinosaurs, but again, you never know what they may come up with.

    I love the birth story and yes, I believe it’d be easy if she’s given birth so many times by now!

  3. I should pay more attention, because I read this title and despite knowing that your children are younger I still thought oh how exciting, 39 and a grandmother, just like I was. (My first grandchild was born last year when I was 39) I figured you must have been hiding an older child which I hadn’t read about.
    Oh my, but congratulations anyway on the arrival of baby Annabel 🙂

    1. No my eldest is only 16. Old enough, but still quite young. The really funny thing is my 13yo read it and immediately assumed her sister was pregnant. Especially funny as they live in each others pockets…

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