Do the shake and pop and get the freshness back…

Wow it’s erm… well March already and I have erm… been on a date with Joni and that’s well, pretty much it for February’s update.

I don’t mean that’s ALL I’ve done in the whole of February. Silly.


  • fought the Battle of the Vomit and WON (touch wood – don’t jinx it, it’s early days…)
  • beaten the migraine. Well, that’s not exactly fair to credit just February, after all, that battle went on for four whole months
  • replaced it (in the same week – see how good I actually am?) with a sinus headache = sinus infection = slime + lung infection = antibiotics
  • shaken. You could have rattled me. As I rolled around in confusion with many, many bottles of pills.
  • beaten the crap out of the slime. (OK, OK credit there, might just go to the pills)
  • popped my knee
  • not unpopped my knee
  • decided a bouncy castle is probably not the best entertainment for my fortieth birthday party IF I CAN POP MY KNEE JUST RUNNING UPSTAIRS TO ANSWER THE BLOODY PHONE
  • missed the call, then swore. A lot.

On a more cheery note, I’ve also:

  • chatted to the woman in the jewellers so much, as my daughter was having her ears pierced, that we’re now on first name terms. Really. Her name is Helen.
  • thought about giving Helen my phone number (what? she was nice…) but my husband thought it was weird
  • learned that my five-year old finds it perfectly acceptable to pierce your knee
  • dealt with a crank caller
  • finally (hallelujah) convinced the five-year old spinning ballerina that I can not do ballet, specifically the splits, even if I practice, with the aid of a bandage on afore-mentioned popped knee (silver lining)
  • managed to get around to cleaning the carousel cupboard in the kitchen. The sticky one. We celebrated by using up the approaching best before date items to make orange and chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

That means a new recipe!!!!

So, actually, February’s update includes a date with Joni and a new recipe. Fruition!

Please welcome new 101ers:

Smile, kiddo


Little Bits Of Waffle


17 thoughts on “Do the shake and pop and get the freshness back…”

    1. Next month, well, this month should be mega though – I’ve booked the flotation tank and I’m doing the healthy snack challenge at Aden’s school. 🙂

  1. I would have left this on your about page but I could not find one. So I hope you forgive the intrusion into a totally unrelated post of yours. There is an internet game of tag that is going around and I was tagged. I answered the questions and now I am tagging you. Here is my post where you will find my answers for both of the times I was tagged as well as the questions I came up with for you. (

  2. How do you remember everything that happened in the past month? I sometimes have a hard time in the afternoon just remembering the events of the same morning!

    1. Lol. My challenges I keep an active note of in a draft form on my blog. The other stuff? I have a GREAT memory for weird stuff like a number plate of a car in a strange place, or the dates the food will go off in the fridge or the exact words said in a snippet of conversation. However, all the important stuff like where I’ve put my keys (I had to borrow a spare set today to pick my daughter up!!) or when I’m to go to an appointment or what my PIN number is or the names of my children. I forget all of it!!!!

      I go around with a head full of mush.

  3. Thanks for welcoming me to the club! It’s cool to be surrounded by people who are striving to do cool things in/with their lives. 🙂

  4. Onward and upward!!!

    Life’s like a sticky carousel, isn’t it? And it needs cleaning up now and then!!!

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