Can’t comment?

I have had a couple of people tell me that they couldn’t comment on my blog. I contacted WordPress and they’ve asked anyone who can’t leave a comment to write to them at:

The same thing has happened to me when I’ve tried to leave a comment on someone’s blog a few times. It’s frustrating when you’ve taken the time to write a comment and then it just disappears. So, if that’s happened to you while trying to comment here, please accept my apologies.

And just to make you laugh/shake your head: a couple of weeks ago, on responding to a comment on my blog, my comment ended up in spam. ON MY OWN BLOG?!?


40 thoughts on “Can’t comment?”

  1. I haven’t had a problem with commenting on WordPress Blogs but have often had the “disappearing comment” happen if I’m commenting on Blogger.

    The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are logged into your WP account, because that trips things over sometimes and then I try (if I remember) to select my comment text and “copy” it *before* pressing ‘post comment/submit”….. if it disappears into the mists of cyberspace then I can start a new window and just press “paste” and it should all be there.

    The biggest hassle is remembering to make the copy in the first place.
    (now let’s see if this comment posts successfully!)
    Hope the WP guru’s can sort out the problem for you 🙂

    1. I often have a problem leaving messages on your blog. Do you remember when I first started commenting on your site? I used to email my comment to you and ask you to publish my comment on my behalf. Bet you got fed up with that pretty quick!

      It won’t let me comment today either, so I’ll contact WordPress as suggested.

      As you can see there is a way around it – I cannot comment directly but I can reply to other people’s comments. 🙂 (So now when you look back through your messages you’ll notice it’s what I do every time. :-D)

      1. I do remember, yes! I didn’t get fed up, but I had hoped the problem had resolved itself. I had actually noticed that you sometimes reply to someone else’s comment. I just thought you were keeping the discussion going. 😀

        I think it’s really good if you contact WordPress!! I’ll be contacting them too as it didn’t let me post one of my previous comments.

    2. Blogger is really bad!! I try to remember to save it too. But like you I sometimes forget. At times it actually puts me off reading/commenting especially when you have to try and decipher those codes. I think it’s also Blogger that won’t let me on clicking ‘WordPress’. I have to use URL and even then it often throws my comment away.

      I’ve noticed that with being logged in to the WP account too. It’s a good point. But I’ve also had problems when I’ve been logged in.

  2. Check to see what your settings are, if someone needs an email address to respond, some people don’t want to leave on, or if your comments can only come from people who have wordpress accounts…
    I agree with the others, blogger is more of a problem, comments tend to disappear with all their verification mumbo jumbo. But again, that’s a setting on the part of the blog, some people have impossible hoops because they don’t want feedback.
    Thanks for stopping by my site, great blog here! 😉

    1. I checked my settings and they do have to add an email address to respond – but that shouldn’t affect WP users, should it? And it’s only WP users who have contacted me with a problem. Some of those users have posted before without a problem and then suddenly couldn’t…

      The other settings seem to be OK. Hmmmm…

      1. Puzzle, that’s for sure, sorry this is such a headache..I’m not techy myself, just tooling around on my own. Don’t give up, this is still the best place, imho. 😉

  3. i had problems for a couple of weeks at my blog with comments and tracking them. but i had done something goofy at my own dashboard. i have never had a problem posting on your blog.

      1. I do agree that the upside down comment order throws me… you paste int he comment at the bottom and it appears at the top… but that is easy to change, if you wanted to 🙂

  4. I haven’t changed any settings, but suddenly I’m getting all the comments on this post through to my email! I’m going to do that thing of switching it on and off again…. 🙂

      1. I don’t think you can untick it on the blog itself but if you go on to your own dashboard you can look at your subscriptions and untick subscriptions to individual threads.

      1. I did 🙂 They haven’t replied but it’s still working so they must have done something. Hurray! I’m so happy to be able to comment. 😀 It drives me up the wall when I want to say something but can’t. (I’m trying to comment on Tumblr at the moment but it won’t let me unless I sign up. I hate that).

        I also find it very frustrating when blogs don’t let you subscribe to them. If I like a blog I want to know when they publish something new. I don’t have time to scroll through all the blogs I like each week on the off chance they’ve updated something.

        A lot of blogs use feeds (RSS – is that right) I have no idea how to use them so it might look as though I’m following them but I never see anything. I only pretend to be good with technology. (Wow, long comment. I’m going to shut up now 😀 )

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