The tale of the very bad valentine

Ladies and gents around the world are, this morning, opening boxes of chocolates and finding vases for flowers.

I’m no exception. My thoughtful, super-hero presented me with a box of scrumptious Lindt chocolates and a home spa set. ie. exotic bath salts, sensational body lotion and a much needed face mask.

And what did I give in return to my soul mate?

A cold.

I had intended to welcome him home from work with the biggest present of them all – all FOUR children in bed.

I had intended a hearts and petals trail leading from the front door to the living room.

I had intended our living room to be romantically adorned with candlelight.

And I had intended to serve a delicious dinner and a bottle of wine in my very sexy red nightie.

But then I gave my husband a cold and a fever and the inability to taste anything at all.

I shared with him my extremely stuffed nose that defies nose sprays and means there will be no lingering kisses as neither of us can properly breath.

But at least, my love: I got you the day off work. 😛


52 thoughts on “The tale of the very bad valentine”

    1. Doesn’t it just?
      And on the plus side, I did offer him one of my chocolates. He declined though, saying there’s no point as he wouldn’t taste it. I nicely ate it for him and told him how delicious it was. 😉

      1. oh yeash!

        I always buy dark chocolate as Cyclo doesn’t like it, so it saves his waist band from needing to stretch nay further.

    1. Hey!!

      He normally goes to work no matter how ill he feels, so I’m really glad he hasn’t today and he can rest and get well.

      How are things with you?

    1. Totally true. Actually, despite the growing tissue mountain we had quite a nice morning. I boiled myself in the bath salts, while he sat on the loo…

      I tried out the face mask but my face still looks all wintry crumbly. #facemaskfail

      Thanks @Chaosokay!!

    1. Funnily it’s been really nice. All the kids came home early (again) today and it’s all been relatively relaxed.

      I really don’t want to be breathing germs over a little baby so I need to get myself fighting fit.

  1. It is the thought that counts and no particular day means too much. It’s not the day, it’s the time you spend together so whether Feb 14th or June 26th you can still make your plans a reality and he will appreciate it.

  2. I love how you see the positive in this situation, getting your husband time off work. Yep, nothing better than staying home with the family, sick as a dog. Oh wait, isn’t that what you’ve all been doing this past week? I want to bet nobody’s offered to visit you recently!
    Gosh, I hope you ALL feel better soon.

  3. Everyday is a Valentines Day for couple so Im pretty sure you can still do what you did that day for your soul mate one of these days and in future. I think being with the one you love on that day is enough to celebrate the hearts day. Nice, cute story you got! Love it! xxxxxx

      1. Hahahaha. Thank you for that! Well, being with someone you truely love is like valentines day everyday. We may get some feuds in between but Im sure before going to bed its already fixed. Agree? xxxx

  4. I feel your pain. I was the typhoid Mary at our house on Valentines Day. Couldn’t even get a kiss on the lips….

    And since I love you so much, I’m nominating you for the Best Liar Award and Glitter E Yaynus award. Check out my current post for info…

  5. Ha ha – a day off work is the BEST gift ever!! Alas, though he had to be sick.

    I love reading about other lives, other homesteads, but your set-up truly is heart warming. You have a precious marriage. Bless you both! 🙂

      1. It sounds like you had a fantastic evening planned. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out. I think you should postpone Valentine’s Day and celebrate it again in March when you both (and the kids) are feeling better.

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