The tale of the very bad valentine

Ladies and gents around the world are, this morning, opening boxes of chocolates and finding vases for flowers.

I’m no exception. My thoughtful, super-hero presented me with a box of scrumptious Lindt chocolates and a home spa set. ie. exotic bath salts, sensational body lotion and a much needed face mask.

And what did I give in return to my soul mate?

A cold.

I had intended to welcome him home from work with the biggest present of them all – all FOUR children in bed.

I had intended a hearts and petals trail leading from the front door to the living room.

I had intended our living room to be romantically adorned with candlelight.

And I had intended to serve a delicious dinner and a bottle of wine in my very sexy red nightie.

But then I gave my husband a cold and a fever and the inability to taste anything at all.

I shared with him my extremely stuffed nose that defies nose sprays and means there will be no lingering kisses as neither of us can properly breath.

But at least, my love: I got you the day off work. 😛