Another magic moment

Sometimes there are moments in life that warm you from the tips of your toes to the roots of your hair. And back again.

I had one of those moments yesterday.

I watched from the sidelines as my littlest princess puzzled with her father. In no time at all they’d completed the 126 piece puzzle and my husband, being a pragmatic man, had decided after a (potentially exaggerated) two second glance at the finished achievement, it was already time to tidy up.

(Being a soppy, bask-in-the-glory-of-the-completed-task type of woman, I contrastingly, would have left the masterpiece lying on the floor, for a good half a day.)

I drew a deep breath and hesitated for a moment, half expecting a wail of disapproval from my daughter.

Instead,  she watched in awe as he lifted the puzzle masterfully with one hand, and let the pieces crumble into the now-too-small-for-a-completed-puzzle box.

Then she said:

“You can do that because you’ve got magic in your heart!”