First 101 update of the year

I can honestly say, in terms of my 101 goals, January 2012 has been my worst month by far.

I’ve achieved one new restaurant, a new sushi place that has just opened up locally. It can easily be described in three words. Yummy. Scrumptious. And de-lic-ious.

I’ve been keeping up with my dates with my husband. Yay.

And I’ve added a couple of new films to my belt:

  • The Hangover 2 (repetition of Hangover 1 – if you liked the first one that much then just go and watch it again)
  • The Debt (brilliant, of course, with the wonderful Helen Mirren)
  • Under the Tuscan Sun (OK chick flick)
  • Hanna (we keep watching odd films?!? This is definitely one of them, but it kept me)
  • Just Go with It (I went with it – I like Jennifer, I’m not normally too keen on Adam Sandler, but I liked this one, even though it’s totally predictable)

I had one big achievement (well, really the start of one) to tell you about.


Except this morning, despite her not feeling quite so well, I sent her to school. She’d had a couple of days off just two weeks ago, so I erred on the optimistic side, she can’t be ill again already.


I had to pick her up this morning after she vomited during maths.

As you may gather, I’m one of the more popular parents…

Despite my neglectfulness in terms of Lori’s health, I have managed to encourage her to value her (what I think is gifted) artwork and start a portfolio.

She asked me to post one of her latest pieces, for your opinions:

Lastly, one of our 101ers has set a competition to help him complete his challenges. Could you be the winner? Check it out!

35 Replies to “First 101 update of the year”

    1. Thank you!!

      I have a draft blog always set up to note things down. Otherwise I’d forget everything. It *used* cough, cough to be called update but then I accidentally forgot and published that one so now it’s called Challenges. If I post an article called ‘Challenges’ you can be sure I’m kicking myself and trying to think up a new name.

  1. Oh no! Look, I’ve gone and liked my own post!! I am not as good at this multitasking thing as I thought… I have no idea how to take it back off again!!

    Oh well, I do LOVE Lori’s picture!!

  2. WOW!!! Lori’s drawing is fabulous…..Please tell her I said so…I would love it if you posted her whole portfolio. My goodness, what talent. You are not one bit biased. She “has the stuff” :-). Sorry she got sick again, though 😦

    1. Thank you Kate. I showed her your comment! She says she only wants to post her favourite drawings. I think the reactions here have really given her a boost!!

  3. Please tell Lori that I’m someone who majored in Graphic Art AND that I’m generally rather critical of people’s artistic skills (usually that means nodding politely at the Local art clubs sometimes horrific but well meant efforts rather than open my mouth and tell them that in my thoughts they really could use lessons in perspective, composition and realism.

    (Please dont take that the wrong way, I dont mean I’m eve’r negative, just that I don;t dish out praise easily or very often).

    Please tell Lori from me that if she IS keen on art and a career related to in it any way that this type of drawing is an EXCELLENT start and she should keep up her efforts.

    Professions where hands on creative skills are a requirement are cut-throat professions to get into (as are many sadly these days) BUT Lori You HAVE TALENT!
    Next step is to feed it, nurture it and if she wants, let it grow.

    The Bad News is that to make art work for a living…takes WORK and Practice…, she has to draw as often as she can so that the pencil feels like it no longer exists, instead it’s an extension of her hand, the lines flow and her repertoire grows… draw stuff every spare minute, draw all different things to stretch her understanding: even if that sketch of the house or tree or car turns out terrible she will have exercised her brain in the finest art of all… ….learning to SEE and translating what you see onto paper.

    The Good News is that Lori you DO have talent and you should be really proud of work like this. This rabbit has weight and mass and feels real, you show an understanding of light and shade, balance and composition. (maybe experiment in a new drawing at placing bunny in a realistic setting… floor or ground/grass texture etc)
    For the rest, you have achieved one of the things that most people struggle with… turning a 2-dimensional shape of something (i.e. rabbit) into a more 3 dimensional looking image of a rabbit that is actually convincing. WELL DONE YOU!!!!

    YES please… add me to the list of people who would LOVE to see your portfolio … and remember it NEVER has to be PERFECT… it just has to be your creative effort that gives your pleasure, makes your heart sing and fuels your creative spirit.
    Draw often often often often often often often often and never care about making mistakes ….and just like learning a language, suddenly it will be second nature and it will flow spontainously.

    Well Done!

    1. Thank you for your amazing comment (I was almost in tears as I read it).

      Lori read it too, and was totally thrilled.

      I’m going to work out how to do it (may need some help from my unsuspecting husband there) and then I’m going to print off some of the comments/advice given by my readers for her, to give her ideas and spur her on. I really plan to encourage her. She loves drawing. She’s a passionate person and that often comes out in her work.

      We bought her a portfolio folder for Christmas and books on art. She’s been absorbing them and just in the last month I’ve seen real improvements in her work.

      Lori also has a lot of drive, which makes me think whatever she puts her mind to, she’ll go far with. She’s prepared to make the effort. Put the time in and do the practice. I’m very proud as you might imagine!!

  4. I’m telling you, your kid is an artist and don’t let anyone tell her otherwise or stop her from drawing. By the time I got in high school and had no art classes, it was hard to continue, getting busy with everything else. And now as an adult, it’s hard to find the time to get back to it. It’s not true artists can live their passion and make a living. I hope you can guide your daughter to do what she really what to do when she grows up and not follow other people’s advice on what she should do.

    1. I’ve actually been trying to talk her into changing schools. There’s one in town that specialises in art and music. At the moment, she doesn’t really want to try for a place there and I don’t want to force her…

      I absolutely agree with you. We need creative, passionate people who think out of the box and that is exactly what Lori is. I think she has a bright future and I intend to encourage her every step of the way.

  5. By the way, I think you should help Lori start her own WordPress blog, one with a format allowing for portfolio display. This will give your daughter her own public space to display her art and upload new work as she completes it.

    1. I did talk about this with her, but I think she wants to build more of a portfolio first. She’s really interested in that website you told me about though! I believe she intends to work on some designs and I’ll help her get set up. Exciting times!!

  6. Wow What a talented artist Lucy is!

    Your post has reminded me I really need to update my 101/1001 challenge. I have completed a few items from the list, but I really need to get my butt into gear.

    the book under the tuscan sun is better than the film. I found the film something I’d watch curled up in front of the fire on a wet sunday afernoon. Cosy and not too thought provoking. Good luck with the rest of your challenges

  7. that’s a really good drawing! she has a natural touch and has captured the rabbit really well – particularly his expression….
    do encourage her to keep drawing – even it is just one small sketch or doodle every day … and watch out for art lessons as school (I left with an A level in art and still thought I couldn’t draw … it has taken me a long while to get back into it….)
    looking forward to seeing more of her work! 🙂

    1. Thank you. She loves drawing and ‘doodles’ every spare minute. Including erm in class!!!

      I will definitely show more of her favourite pieces and I’m glad that you’ll becoming back to view them.

      It’s great when artistic people, like yourself, judge, the best thing I can draw is a matchstick man!!

  8. I’d say that boosting your daughters confidence and being able to provide some of the awesome comments for her to read must surely cancel out the ‘motherfail’ moment. That’s how things work don’t they????????
    Your daughter is very talented for someone with no formal training
    You and I, separated at birth you asked me- strange isn’t it how the blogosphere leads you to find like minded people

    1. Tank you. You’ve made me feel much better about my #motherfail moment 😉

      It’s amazing how you can ‘meet’ like minded people on the blogosphere. I never expected it, which makes it even more exciting!

  9. It good to see you posting again. I am sorry that you still have some headache issues, but maybe they will be totally gone soon! Lori is so WOW! talented. What a great eye. Keep drawing, Lori. You inspired me to do bunnies today, too.

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