Kate Kresse’s comment:

Good news–i haven’t run into the coffee table in 2 days. but i did open the fridge door right into my head. (duh).

on my last post reminded me of recent events.

Remember my headache? I’ll deviate slightly here, just for information’s sake and inform you that yes, I still have it, and yes, I am demented by now.

No, it’s not as bad as it was. I’ve been having manual therapy, which does something, but nothing seems to remove it completely.

It would seem I’m stuck with it, at least for the moment. I have seen far too many doctors and therapists in the last almost four months. I’ve decided for the foreseeable future I’m going to avoid doctors and therapists completely. Save some money. And battle on through.

The good news is that there is definitely no tumour. I had a CT scan and the neurologist (that would be neurologist number two) told me that my brain is perfect.

That statement, however, made me even more sceptical toward doctors. My brain definitely does not work properly. I regularly forget my children’s names. Lose my keys. Write down a shopping list then don’t bother to take it with me. Find myself standing in the middle of a room wondering why the hell am I here? And then there’s the time I forgot to pull down my knickers before I sat on the loo…

Anyway, back to the lovely Kate’s comment.

In December, a month or so into my headache, I found myself in my kitchen, pretending I didn’t have a headache and attempting to knead dough. OK partly I was kneading, partly I was taking out my frustrations. So much so in fact, that not only my hands were working, but the rest of my body as well. A fact I realized when I lunged my head forward and smacked my forehead against the kitchen cupboard’s metal door handle.

I suspect the resulting bruise would have been nowhere near as bad, if I had not then walked over to another cupboard and opened it whacking it directly against the exact same spot on my poor forehead.

Now you have to remember that at that point I had been heard (quite loudly) complaining about my headache, at every given opportunity.

Thus people from near and far spotted me walking around with a full-on let’s-go-through-the-rainbow-spectrum-of-colours bruise right in the middle of my forehead.

“I wonder why you’ve got a headache?” they felt the need to chortle.

Finally, milk bottle white again, I proceeded with acupuncture.

Which resulted in not one but two bruises, conveniently placed above each eyebrow.

Let’s just say, I became familiar with the term, “It looks like you’ve got horns growing out of your head!”

And my evil good-humoured family launching into fits of hysterics every time they caught a glimpse of me.


20 thoughts on “Headbanger”

  1. I feel for you. Headaches plague me at times, but never for so long as you have been suffering. I know you’ve tried everything under the sun, and this is so frustrating, especially when you realise doctors are only human and can not diagnose everything.

    But let me say this: anyone coping with the amount of ‘other stuff’ as you do will have lapses of memory, and the anxiety related to occasionally forgetting things is like a self fulfilling prophesy and you are on hyper alert for the times you forget things.

    Have you tried the no meds route?: sometimes it has been found that medication can be implicated in the chronic headache syndrome… maybe read here

    anyhoo you’ve maybe explored that route.

    Another route I’d suggest is yoga and meditation… could you find space in your day to try that?

    1. Thanks Pseu!!

      I have tried the no meds route. 😦 It didn’t work.

      But I haven’t tried yoga and meditation – that’s a great idea. Thanks!!!

  2. If you still have a headache, you should have an MRI. It detects things that a CT scan does not. For example, a hairline fracture in my mother’s spine went undetected by a CT scan, but when my sister insisted, the docs did an MRI and discovered it.

  3. I had hoped your headache was gone and I know they are awful and as long as you’ve had this one…well, I’d bang my head somewhere too. Not to worry. I sat down once after pulling my pants down but the lid was closed. What a shock! Hope you start feeling better soon.

  4. Hearing about your bruised horns, I’m SO glad I never let my acupuncturist poke needles right under my eyes to help with my sinuses. I’m sure I would have ended up with giant bruises under my eyes, looking like a racoon.

  5. *cringes* Oohh! Owie! The cabinet stunt reminds me of the time I tried to stand up while bent over reaching into the back of the refrigerator banging the back of my head on the top edge. I promptly howled in pain and tried to stand up again, and again, banging my head on the top edge of the fridge. My dear Leif, spotting the whole scene says calmly, “You know, most people back out of the ‘fridge before standing up.”

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