For my True Love:

Reini and Children: so you’ll remember today.

Readers: Do you all know the song Twelve days of Christmas?

I used it as a basis for my husband’s Christmas present. (He works hard and spends little money on himself, so it’s my duty ;-)).

Besides, I am soppy and I do like to have fun. I also love Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Think last verse and the best bit is: I’ve taught all the kids it and we plan to wail it sing it to him on Christmas day, once he’s opened all the pressies!!! 😀

12 Single Socks
11 Bars of Choc’late
10 Beaming Bottles
9 Capable Cups
8 Dependable Pants
7 Brushes for the Pot
6 Erotic Massages 😉
5 Fun-ky Things—–
4 Gel Pens
3 Silly T’s
Dinner for 2
And a Silly Verse from Me to You! ♥

8 Replies to “For my True Love:”

    1. He did, he laughed really a lot. Yes I bought all of them. The bottles were things like shampoo, mouthwash and bathroom cleaner. 😉 Most of the chocolate cars were small like milky way. The meal for two – I bought a voucher for a local restaurant that we’ve never been too (challenges) but paid for it with the money we were given by his dad for Christmas. The idea came about because what he really needed was socks and pants – but I found it a bit boring to just hand over pants and socks. The erotic massages – I found a postcard written out like a prescription for 6 erotic massages.

      I’m officially bonkers now…

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