The Neurologist

I always check the alarm clock.

Always, always, always.

Every single night, before I go to bed.

Without fail.

(Well, except for that time two months ago. But honestly, that was a one-off.) Until last night.

I’d written up a full and comprehensive list of all the medicines I’ve taken and all the treatments I’ve tried against this blasted headache.

I’d jotted down the names of all the medicines I regularly use.

I’d made a note of the date of the operation, and therefore the date on which my headache had started.

I’d rummaged around and set aside the x-rays taken in the summer.

I’d checked off all the dates and times in my diary, that I would not be available.

I’d worked out bus times, not wanting to drive on potentially frozen roads and ensured my referral was in my bag.

I’d even popped the address and phone number of the doctor in my purse, just in case something happened on the way.

Then I went for an early night and I forgot to check the alarm clock which as it turns out happened to be set for 30 minutes after my appointment time.

So near, but so far…

I think I have mentioned before, that I happen to be a lucky person. And luckily for me, my husband’s bladder persuaded him to wake up early.

Meaning in actual fact, I managed to be only ten minutes late and thus permitted to still see the doctor.

You know, the neurologist I’d booked to see weeks ago, who has a really good reputation?

Except – it wasn’t him.

No. He was off. (To see the wizard? Santa? Who knows!!)

So, I saw a stand-in.

Who, and I have to be honest here, installed absolutely no confidence in me.

She couldn’t work the computer. Had to look up every single medicine in a book. Just assumed it was a migraine. Didn’t look at my x-rays. And examined me by telling me to stand up, walk a couple of steps and then touch my nose. After that, she proceeded to hit my knee with a hammer and pressed on my neck for a couple of seconds.

Although my GP had been reassuring me about the necessity of being sent for a CT scan, the stand-in insisted it wouldn’t be required, as I’d already had one, seven years ago!

Without asking me what I’m stressed about or what my situation is, she seemed to think it could all be solved with a brisk ten minute walk (importantly: at exactly the same time each day) and a good sleep.

To cover herself she gave me a ‘prescription’ for six sessions of physiotherapy on my neck (even though it hadn’t hurt when she’d touched it). But on taking the paperwork to the physiotherapy centre, I discovered the form contained so many mistakes, it was invalid.

But not-to-worry. She said I should come back in the new year.

When the receptionist offered me an appointment with her or an alternative doctor on two different dates, I went with my gut instinct and said, “Anyone else will do!”

The exceptional news is: I think the acupuncture, or something is working, I still have a headache every day, but mostly in the distance or for just a small part of the day. 😀


19 thoughts on “The Neurologist”

  1. Given the duration of the problem…it seems to me you should push them for a more appropriate response time with the original doctor you wanted…not some stand-in who has bother to read the charts and may have been the only one they could find to fill-in at this time of the year…sorry…just rambling on..because I don’t like medical run-arounds…okay so I’ll be of good cheer and wish you and yours a wonderful new year and one filled with love.

    1. You can ramble on all you like – I can’t stand medical run-a-rounds either!! I couldn’t believe I got a stand-in and that she was so useless – but at least it won’t be her when I go back.

      Thank you for your warm wishes – I wish the very same for you!!

  2. oh my GOODNESS…. that is really appalling…I agree with slpmartin…if at all possible insist on a consult with the alleged expert….oh so sorry, praying for healing and NO pain..Merry Christmas sweetie!

    1. Normally if it’s planned to be a different doctor, they inform you when you make the appointment. The thing is, I could have got an appointment quickly if I’d gone to a random practice instead of the ‘expert’.
      Thanks Kate and I hope you have a great Christmas!!

  3. What a terrible doctor! No confidence is right! Somehow, somewhere you will find a cure. I’d make an appointment with a doctor with a better reputaton. Good luck to you.

    1. They didn’t even tell me at the desk – so I didn’t actually know until I entered the room. It’s good that I’m seeing someone else when I go back – but only after I left, I actually realized that could be yet another doctor.

  4. I am so, so happy that there has been an improvement!! Have a wonderful Christmas and here’s to curing those headaches once and for all in the new year!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. But I really feel sorry for you and this doctor should be banished from practicing ever again. When your ordeal is done, you should write a short story about this and keep this chapter just as is.

    Well, I still want to think it’s a pinched nerve somewhere / tension headache and making things move around will only help release it in the near future. I’d also try a chiropractor, but a good one, not a stand-in!

    I hope you still manage to have a great Christmas with your family.

    1. I have an appointment now for a type of therapy on my neck – I’ll see if that helps. I just need to have them do the referral again.

      I’ve been wondering why such a highly considered doctor would have such an incompetent person working for him? Very odd!!

      I have got the name of a ‘good’ chiropractor. 😉

  6. I have never experienced a headache in my life, and am SO glad. I am happy for you – even though I don’t know you! – that something is working (I had acupuncture on an RSI injury because I type a lot – fine now). I will never forget this girl at work who had headaches ALL the time. I felt really sorry for, she lived on Panadol. So well done 🙂

    1. I think there’s been something wrong with your account – a some point I found you in my spam filter?!?

      Really nice of you to ask, I still have it, but it is much better than it was and is definitely more manageable.

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