Gee Thanks!

Some days I think I’ve lost my sense of humour. But then I have an adorable thirteen-year-old who says things like, “Mum, are you sure you don’t want to lie down after this – you look really crappy!”

And then I remember how to laugh.

And how to shake my head.

And how to cry.

I still have the damn headache!

My five-year-old, informed me in her matter-of-fact way that she thinks, “It likes me.”

You may well imagine, that that did not make me feel any better.

What has made me feel a lot better though, are all your lovely comments and emails. Thank you so much. You stopped me feeling sorry for myself, well, for a few minutes anyway, and encouraged me to think positively, which can only be described as a good thing.

A lot of you have been asking, so I thought I’d give you a quick update. Yes, I still have a headache, it’s been over five weeks now. Groan. Groan. I’ve been back and forth to the doctors and am now trying acupuncture, which I think is helping, slowly. But as it’s been so long, I’m off to see a neurologist on Wednesday. Hopefully he’ll tell me my brain is still intact and can figure out a way to get rid of the pain.

I would so like to spend Christmas ungrumpy!!


27 thoughts on “Gee Thanks!”

    1. Oh no. I’m sorry to hear that. A friend of mine had that a few years ago. He noticed when he tried to drink his coffee and it poured out of the side of his mouth. He also (separately) had some kind of paralysis in his little finger for several months. He did recover from both though. I hope it clears up in not too long a time period for you. Take care.

  1. Get to that neurologist, and soon please. Personally I’d do that before any acupuncture. Take care and let us know how things are going

    1. I will do Pseu,thank you.

      It’s really hard to get an appointment and my GP thought I would have to wait well into the New Year, but I’ve been lucky enough to be taken before Christmas. And the doctor I’m seeing has a great reputation. xx

  2. Did you ever try a chiropractor? I want to say you have a pinched nerve somewhere in your neck/shoulder due to a poor position during your surgery (and you were worried about the anesthesia!). A chiropractor could get things moving in there pretty quickly after a couple of sessions. Just saying… Good luck with the neurologist and I hope you can get some relief before Christmas.

    1. The chiropractor is on my list. I think the neurologist tells you if it’s something to do with your neck, then I can get a referral from him or go back to my GP and get one. Thanks PM for your continued support.

      1. I just want you to be free of your headache before Christmas. We just got attacked by a majoe stomach bug here and are struggling to recover. Not easy to take care of sick kids when you’re sick too…

      2. There’s a big stomach bug going around these parts too. Yuck!! Really awful taking care of sick kids when you’re sick yourself. The worse one we had was the norovirus, we had it for three weeks. Each time I stopped disinfecting everything we got hit again and when I thought I’d finally got it under control the kids shared a sandwich and it started again!! I had specifically told them not to share a drink but I hadn’t thought of sandwiches!!!
        My head’s been pretty good today – probably because of my appointment tomorrow.

        Hope you’re feeling well soon.

      3. I hope you feel better too! Looks like we all had several exorcism sessions at our house but we’re now on the road to recovery. Maybe that’s what you need next, exorcism, to get that damn headache out of your head? 😉

      4. LOL!!

        I’m feeling a lot better at the moment. It’s only in the background now and then. Hope fully it stays so or just goes completely!!

  3. Sarsm: I am truly sorry that your headache is hanging on. I pray the neurologist will have answers for you, and soon! Now, because your blog has been such a source of optimism, guidance, and even joy for me, I am giving your blog the award I just created. Don’t worry, no work required (other than putting the award on your sidebar—which i myself haven’t figured out how to do LOL). The award is The Candle Lighter Award. Here is the link:

  4. 5 weeks – I can’t even imagine how bad this must be. I get headaches and migraines and on the day that I have them it seems like forever.
    I’ve got my fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes (you get the idea) crossed for you that the headache has gone in time to enjoy Christmas.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m really hoping it’ll be over soon so I can get properly focussed on Christmas and making it really special for my family.

    1. Thanks Earlybird. I hope I’m not putting too much emphasis on the appointment. I’m sure he won’t have a miracle cure. Strangely today’s been pretty good. Hopefully I won’t make a startling recovery, that ends 5 minutes after I leave his building.;-)

  5. Sarsm: Hope it went well at the neurologist. I hope, too, if they have to do tests that you can get them done and the results back sooner rather than later. You are in my prayers…

    1. Lovely Kate,
      Thank you so much!! I am feeling a lot better than I was. The neurologist was off, can you believe it? So I saw a stand in, who didn’t make a good impression on me at all. BUT I am going back in the new year to see another doctor. I talked to my GP again today – she like me, thinks it’s nothing too serious because it is calming down. She also says with the stress I’m under, it’s no wonder I have a headache.

      Kate, I wish you a wonderful Christmas and thank you for your kind words of support and your prayers. xx

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