The surgeon told me it’s a tiny little ten minute operation and really I have no need to worry. The risks are minute and the benefits could be dramatic.

Additionally, the procedure itself offers an opportunity for sleep.

So I agreed. Mind, body and soul.

And I signed on the dotted line.

He told me to make an appointment with the anaesthetist.

I visited her on Tuesday and after waiting for a good hour and a half, she trawled through my medical history with me.

“You have quite a lot behind you, haven’t you?”

“You can’t tell by looking at you.”

“Erm… Yes. Thanks.” I’m not sure whether to feel flattered or concerned.

“I need to tell you, you’re high risk. You have asthma. It could lead to complications. You could take an asthma attack during the operation. We will of course treat you for it, if you do. Please sign here to show I’ve warned you of the risks.”

I signed.

The operation is tomorrow.

I am now starting to think I am completely bonkers. I have lived this long with heavy periods. What’s another few years? After all, the menopause can only be just around the corner… And anyway, is bleeding fifteen days a month really so bad?… I guess I’m pretty used to it by now…

I think about the surgeon and his experience and I start to relax again. I think about going for a hot bath and try to remember that I *must shave*.

I prepare the dinner – Cauliflower Surprise – the surprise being that it contains hardly any cauliflower.

I’m on a stuff-as-much-food-in-as-humanly-possible-marathon because as of 24.00 I am no longer allowed to eat.

In celebration (of the marathon, not the operation) I have even bought a chocolate cake.

Between stuffing and cooking, shopping and soothing conversations with friends, the day whizzes by and it’s time to say goodnight to the children.

Aden’s concerned but Akasha sings, “Have fun at the doctors. Have fun everywhere.”

You gotta love ’em.


33 thoughts on “Pre-op”

      1. was looking back through the comments and it looks like you are already starting to feel better. I’m so glad to hear it! Rest up while you can 🙂

  1. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery and recovery. I won’t tell you what my fears are about surgery, whenever I or someone I love has to go through it, but I hate it… Let everybody know when you’re done with the whole thing, please!

  2. Hope it all goes well. Just remember the menopause might NOT just be round the corner. I’m still hoping and I’ll be 55 in a couple of weeks. Boring.

    Don’t overdo things after. Remember it takes time for the anesthetic to get out of your body.

    1. My mother was 42 (menopause) so I thought I may follow suit. But so far all tests show no. (I’d thought it could be the reason for the longer and longer and ever longer periods).

      Good point about the anaesthetic. At first it looked like I would be on my own all afternoon/evening with the younger kids, but luckily my husband has swung the afternoon off.

    1. That’s the ultimate plan.

      The op went really well. They found the problem area and now it’s gone.

      Rei and the kids have been great. I think I might even talk them into doing the washing!!

  3. Take a good book and some music. If you’re prepared for a wait it probably won’t happen. Take lip-salve and a drink and pack loose comfortable clothes for afterwards, plus some pads, in case. In my experience the hospital ones aren’t very nice.

    It’ll be worth it to relieve you of those problems. 🙂

    1. I didn’t even get to the waiting room Pseu they had me in with the nurse within a minute or so of arriving. Amazing!! Good advice with what to take especially the pads. They were huge jumbo things – I could hardly pull my pants up!!!

      The doc said he found the problem area and now it’s gone. He thinks my life will be much improved from now on. I’m really glad it’s over and done with. And the recovery time will be pretty short I think. I already feel not too bad!!

  4. I just wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments and advice. The operation went well. I’m almost feeling like myself again, but I do promise to take it easy for the next few days!!

    Thanks again!!

    1. I’m getting better by the hour!! Strangely the op area is fine just my knees and my throat hurt ?!? My throat I know they had a tube in – but my knees??? Perhaps I did a jig in my comatose state!!

  5. I hope you will fare well and no waiting longer might not be the best approach. I waited for some ten years and by the time I finally said ‘yes’! I was bleeding three weeks out of every month and my energy level was ‘zip’! So, you will feel better and I do hope your asthma doesn’t play havoc during your sedation. I will be thinking of you.

    1. Thank you, Renee.
      My asthma was fine and I’m really pleased I didn’t wait. The great thing was the op and what should have been the first heavy day of my period occured on the same day. I actually bled less on that day, despite the op than I normally would, so I can already see the benefits!!

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