Guts bus!?!

My daughter, Lori, told me that it’s time I wrote up a blog post with some of the latest and most entertaining searches leading could-be readers to my blog.

So, for Lori. 😀

It’s quite clear why they landed here:

sarsm effeicieny 😉
101 ways to embarrass
confused memory loss always tired
be prepared funny poems
mr adhd mr men
looking forward humour
adventures of a house wife
poem wobbly belly
day in the life of a popular girl

I love it when searchers pose a direct question to google:

is ritalin a strong medicine?
why is my dog falling over and banging into things
what does love mean to me
are road runners, rabbits, and most rodents adhd?
what is my favourite word
does customer service exist in germany?
do children with adhd who are on ritalin still need to use hi fi system?
is jodi sta. maria’s son have an adhd?
the tomato has sugar ?

Even the one word ones can be funny:


I suspect some inquirers however, leave bitterly disappointed:

embarrassing massage moments
blog by a teenage girl about life
teenage toes
older women in gymslips
germany mama porno
date blog
spa humor
hot and bothered
typical life of a russian teenage girls
funny poems about the red carpet

There seems to be an obsession:

man muscle
muscle men 2011
(thirties or forties or fifties) musclemen

Some searches are slightly disturbing:

musclemen torture
my husband doesn’t love me on ritalin or off
make things change
hairy leg blog
use a doormat to kill a rat
get revenge on a guy who broke my heart
guts bus
i hate my existence blog
i should just not speak ever

Some of my searchers on the other hand, are particularly cool:

not in denial
we kissed and there were fireworks
head no go
in denial about toothache
busybodies who think they are better than you
do gooder dont do good
stuck in my yang
Clap your hands and sing hallelujah notes


sarsm un animal
escalator on trolley prohibited
pictures of bunker beds for kids in mother’s pride
alternative to however
we’re sorry, but your form is missing a required field. please try again. heineken
funny poem on there’s a rat in my tummy
act of claiming within false pretences
simon pegg pampas grass
never sure (I’ll have you know, I’m quite decisive)
doldrum the bottom of the mountain
eurovison dont make it my shop
straight teeth poem
waiting rather impatientle for 16.30 to go home
fresh bread tannoy announcements
pregnant pregnancy complications abnormal positive test results

And finally:


12 thoughts on “Guts bus!?!”

    1. Good point! No, nobody has!! Funny.

      Sars was my nickname ever since I was a little girl. Years ago I used it as my name in a forum and someone then asked me why I’d called myself after a disease. I hadn’t even thought about it!! So I told her I had the name before the disease!!! 😉

    1. Firstly click on the ‘Site Stats’ link under Dashboard.
      Then look for ‘Search Engine Terms’.
      There are three headers: ‘Today’, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘This week’.
      Click on ‘This week’.
      It then shows all the searches that found you in the past 7 days, with the option of looking at the last 30 days, quarter, year or all time.

    1. Some of them are a little freaky too!!

      I love: (thirties or forties or fifties) musclemen, hairy leg blog, use a doormat to kill a rat, i should just not speak ever, stuck in my yang, what is my favourite word, waiting rather impatientle for 16.30 to go home, and escalator on trolley prohibited, in particular.

      My daughter was in hysterics reading some of them. 😉

  1. Haha, these are hilarious!!! But you know why some people found you, right? Come on, you can’t deny it!

    in denial about toothache (you know it’s you)
    does customer service exist in germany? (I think they’re looking for free toilets)
    hairy leg blog (you’re a woman and you live in Germany)
    day in the life of a popular girl (it’s soooo you!)

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