Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush

If you decide to go on a self-catering holiday with Mr Fix-It and four children then you have to be organized.

You have to remember everything.

I remembered: four different types of toothpaste, three sorts of mouthwash, toothpicks, five electric toothbrushes, and one small person’s use-up-some-of-your-own-excess-energy hand-held brush. I even remembered a cup for rinsing.

But I forgot the toothbrush charger.

Well, that’s not strictly true.

I remembered a toothbrush charger. But the wrong toothbrush charger. Meaning only one of the five electric toothbrushes had the possibility of being charged, while we were away.

No matter.

I had already thought to charge each individual toothbrush fully before setting off.

So that they should last the week.

Except on the drive to Geneva, for a one night stopover with friends, one of the toothbrushes got accidentally pressed.

We listened to it attempting to clean the other brushes.

We listened to the life slowly trickle and hiccup out of it.

Of course, it was the mother brush.

While planning our holiday I had tried to think of every possible eventuality in terms of packing.

Indeed, had we been stopped and searched at either the Swiss or the French border the customs officers would have had a field day discovering the likes of: sun block and woolly hats, oven gloves, candles, a torch, bin liners, anti-histamine, washing powder, a corkscrew, nail polish remover, 17 pens, sellotape, a happy birthday sign, salt, a sewing kit (you know those travel ones you ‘take with you’ after an overnight stay in a hotel), a full every-type-of-conceivable-possible-emergency first aid kit. And naturally, the obligatory cuddly toy.

I could only have watched from the sidelines as they chortled at my analness.

However, on my return journey I could have politely informed them that we had in fact used all of the afore-mentioned items.

What with our late night walk. A birthday. Pizza. A lot of washing. Several medical and accidental incidents.

And a few *hic* bottles of wine.

Yet, despite my careful thought and attention to detail, I could not have imagined (not in a zillion years) that my husband, would, during his stay, have been deflated by the fact that we had no pliers in our luggage.


That’s right.

We broke the washing machine.

And poor Mr Fix-It had to fix it with a mere screwdriver that I’d last minutely rammed in my rucksack.

8 thoughts on “Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush”

  1. Now that’s his fault – those tools should be in the car at all times. That’s what the Hub tells me, when I try to remove his tool box to fit in the occasional grocery.

  2. Did you kot have your own tin opener and a sharp picnic knife? 🙂

    Under my seat, in the car, I have a selection of screwdrivers and a pair of pliers. Never used them.


    I forget the sewing kit this time. Guess what? Yep. Loose button. (Grrr)

    1. No! I did think of taking a kitchen knife with us – but decided against it at the last minute. 😉

      Always the way – the thing you need is always the thing you forget.

  3. I have forgotten my toothbrush on more trips I can remember. I have also uncharged my electric toothbrush while traveling and left the charger at home. Last vacation I forgot my own hairbrush. I wondered how it would work since I have long hair. Well, believe it or not, I did without for a week, while washing my hair frequently. Head upside down, rub everything around and voila! So if I have to choose which brush to forget, I’ll pick hairbrush over toothbrush.

    1. I would pick hairbrush (to forget)too. though if you’re staying in a hotel (which we of course weren’t) some do have disposable, short use toothbrushes available – as do hospitals.

      A lot of people forget their toothbrushes though. Several guests of ours have turned up without one. I actually have a packet of cheap spare toothbrushes at home for those just in case moments, at all times.

      God. I am really anal!!

  4. I’ve carried pliers in the tyres since I was stuck in a blizzard half way up a mountain road (before the ski station) on my own with two kids 8 and 10 and one tyre chain which had a bent link…. aggghh! Luckily some Belgians in the only other car struggling to put on chains (the road had been closed behind us) had some pliers…

    1. I am thinking of carrying a shovel soon, for the snow season starting. I have got stuck on several occasions. Once Rei even had to leave work to come and rescue me.

      You were fortunate those Belgians being there. Must have been scary.

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